Viewsonic Monitor Keeps Going To Sleep [7 Ways To Awake]

Viewsonic Monitor Keeps Going To Sleep

I recently purchased a new ViewSonic monitor. I’ve been having an issue with it. The screen keeps going to sleep.

At first, I thought the monitor was defective, so I contacted customer service, but they couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

After doing research, I found out why my ViewSonic monitors keep going to sleep and how I can fix it.

In this article, I’ll explain the possible causes of this issue and how you can fix it.

Let’s get started!

Why does your ViewSonic monitor keep going to sleep?

If your Viewsonic monitor keeps going to sleep, it may be due to loose cable connections, hardware issues and outdated monitor drivers.

It may also be due to minor issues with the power and sleep settings of the monitor.

In order to solve the issue, you should ensure the cable connection and update the monitor driver.

1. Loose connections 

A loose cable connection between the monitor and pc can cause the loss of signals. In this case, the cable cannot deliver the signals properly.

You should check all cable connections to ensure no loose connection; if there is, you should unplug it and then replug it securely.

If it does not solve the issue, try to replace the cables with a new one to ensure it is not faulty.

2. Run hardware and devices troubleshooter 

Before further troubleshooting, you should run a hardware and device troubleshooter to identify the main cause.

In order to do it:

1. Press the window+I at the same time to open the settings, then open the update and security tab

2. Now look for the hardware and devices tab, click on it and choose the run the troubleshooter

3. Now window search for the hardware scan and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the scan

3. Disable screensaver

A built-in feature called a screen saver is automatically turned on if there is no activity on the screen for long periods.

You should ensure that the screen saver is not enabled; if it is, you should disable it.

In order to disable it:

1. Press the window key and search screen saver in the search bar. Click on it

2. Now ensure it is not enabled 

3. If it is enabled, you should disable it by clicking on the box under the screen saver option

4. Now set it to the none 

5. Click on the apply or ok to save the changes 

4. Update monitor driver 

An outdated monitor driver can also cause the sleep issue. You should ensure that your monitor driver is up to date.

If it is outdated, you should update it to get your monitor back to work.

In order to do it:

1. Click on the window key and search device manager in the search bar 

2. Select the device manager 

3. Now click on the display adapter 

4. Then right-click on the adapter 

5. Now click on the update the driver 

6. Click on search automatically for driver 

7. If it displays the best driver is already installed, you will not need to update it 

5. Change power plan settings 

Minor changes to the [power settings can also cause the monitor to sleep. You should check the sleep settings.

In order to do it:

1. Press the window+X keys at the same time to open the power options 

2. Now click on the additional power settings to open the settings 

3. Then click on the change the power settings 

4. Set the battery on and plug it into the never 

Now click on the ok to save the changes.

6. Changes sleep settings 

If you have tried all the above ways and you’re still facing issues with your monitor, you should ensure that the sleep settings are not set to the low time.

In order to check:

1. To adjust the sleep settings, select the window key and open the settings 

2. Now navigates to the system 

3. Click on the power and sleep settings 

4. Now look under the sleep to set how much time the screen should wake up before turning off the screen when it is not in use

Now set the time to 30 minutes to ensure it stays on long.

7. Customer support 

If you still need help with your Viewsonic monitor, contact Viewsonic customer support for further information.

Customer support can provide you with other solutions.

Wrapping Up

These are possible solutions if your monitor keeps going to sleep. You should try these solutions to fix the issue.

  • Loose connections 
  • Run hardware and devices troubleshooter 
  • Disable screensaver
  • Update monitor driver 

Now I’d like to hear from you!

Which method did you use to get your monitor from sleep? Do you still need further information about your monitor to keep going to sleep?

Let me know in the comment.

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