How To Turn On Eye Saver Mode Samsung Monitor [Easy Way]

How To Turn On Eye Saver Mode Samsung Monitor

For those who are spending their whole day in front of a monitor, I understand the significance of scheduling regular intervals away from the screen.

That’s why I recently decided to turn on Eye Saver Mode on my Samsung monitor. It avoids eye strain while using the computer for long periods of time.

In this article, I’ll show you exactly how to turn on the eye-saver mode Samsung monitor so that you can protect your eyes right away.

Let’s get started!

How to turn on the eye saver mode Samsung monitor?

These are how you can turn on the eye-saver mode on a Samsung monitor.

1. Ensure monitor connections 

Firstly, you should check the cable connection between the monitor and pc. Ensure that there is no loose cable connection.

If there is, you should unplug the cable and then replug it back tightly. Also, ensure that the cable is not faulty or cracked.

2. Access settings 

Now go into the settings of your monitor. In order to get access to settings, press the menu button on the monitor.

Now use the directional button to navigate to the settings.

3. Enable eye saver mode 

Press the menu button on the bottom of the Samsung monitor, now navigate to the main menu.

Now look for the picture option, then scroll all the way down and click on the eye saver and enable it.

After clicking the option, your screen will turn orange, which means the eye-saver mode is enabled on your monitor.

4. Adjust brightness settings

Brightness has a big impact on the eyes; you should adjust the screen brightness if you’re using the monitor in low-light conditions.

In order to adjust the brightness, you will need to use the buttons on your monitor. Press the menu button, then choose the brightness or resolution option.

Now set the brightness level according to your preference.

5. Additional options 

You can also use the additional settings, such as the customization of temperature and colour. Adjust these settings to find a suitable screen for you.

6. Enjoy eye strain 

After enabling the eye-saver mode, you can enjoy your screen without harmful rays, and you will also notice a reduction in eye strain.

Your eyes will feel comfortable and relaxed while you use the monitor for long periods.

How to turn on eye saver mode in Windows 10? 

Enabling the eye saver mode is a straightforward way in order to enable the eye saver mode on Windows 10.

1. Open the settings 

2. Select the system option, then click on the display page 

3. Now look for the night light option. It is basically under the colour tab 

4. Now enable it; after enabling it click on the night light settings for further settings 

5. Select the colour warmer option to adjust the colour according to your preference 

6. Now click the slider option to set the colour temperature and adjust it to near 50%. If you will set it higher, your screen colour turns orange.


Is Samsung Eye Saver Mode Good?

Samsung monitor eye saver mode is very useful as it makes the monitor more comfortable and improves the viewing experience.

This feature is very useful if you’re usually spending long hours in front of the screen.

Eye saver automatically turns off the blue light emission, which causes eye strain and headache, restless sleep.

Does eye-saver mode work on the monitor?

The monitors emit blue lights, which harm human health. Blue light causes headaches, restless sleep, and eye strain.

Blue lights make the monitor look way more extraordinary, but it slowly ruins your eyes. When you enable the eye saver mode on your monitor, it turns off the blue light.

And makes your sleep better and reduces the headache, making the monitor comfortable for your eyes.

Wrapping Up

Enabling the eye-saver mode is a straightforward method to do. You will need access to the menu then navigate to the main menu.

Then you will be able to enable the eye-saver mode on your Samsung monitor.

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