How To Turn On Lg Monitor [Easy Ways To Turn On]

How to turn on an LG monitor

I remember the first time I tried to turn on my LG monitor. After spending a lot of time, I felt like fumbling around the cords and buttons. 

But after researching, I finally figured out how to do it. But if you’re not know how to turn on the monitor, don’t worry. 

It can be frustrating at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll power up your monitor quickly.

In this article, I’ll walk you through exactly how to turn on your LG monitor so you can turn it on in no time.

Let’s get started!

How to turn on an LG monitor?

If your Lg monitor is not turning on and you do not know how to turn it on, do not worry; you can turn it on in various ways such as OSD, hardware buttons, and remote control.

Use hardware button 

Turning on the monitor by the hardware button is one of the easier ways to do it. 

In order to turn on:

1. Find the power button on your monitor 

2. Now press and hold it until the monitor is not turned on

3. If it does not works, try again to press and hold the button again. It may take a few attempts to turn it on

4. If your monitor is not still turning on, it may be an issue with the power cord or outlet 

5. In order to turn on the monitor, you should try another outlet and try another power cord 


On-screen features allow you to control various monitor aspects, such as power state etc. By using the OSD, you can easily use your monitor’s power state without additional buttons.

In order to use OSD:

1. Found the menu button on your monitor 

2. Press and hold the menu button until the OSD appears on the screen 

3. Now use the arrow to select the power menu

4. Select to turn on your monitor 

Use remote control 

Remote allows you to turn on your monitor without any difficulty. You can easily use it from a distance.

In order to use the remote:

1. First, ensure that the batteries are inserted properly into the remote

2. Now point the remote towards to the monitor 

3. Also, ensure that there is no obstruction between the monitor and remote 

4. Now press the power button until the monitor is not turned on

Why is your Lg monitor not turning on?

There are various reasons why your LG monitor is not turning on. Such as, the power cable may have become disconnected from the monitor or the outlet. There could also be an issue with the monitor itself.

You should ensure the power cable is not faulty or disconnected and look at the monitor for visible damage.

Check power button 

Before troubleshooting, check the power button to ensure it is not faulty or stuck. In some cases, regular use can cause dirt and dust to build up inside the button, preventing it from working correctly.

You should clean the button with alcohol or compressed air can to resolve the issue.

If there is no dust buildup, then it may have an internal fault. In this case, you should replace the power button.

Loose connections

Loose cable connections can be a possible cause of your LG monitor malfunction. The loose cables can interfere with the power supply of the monitor. It can lead to no power or prevent it from turning on.

In order to ensure the connections, you should check all cables and ensure they are securely connected.

You should also check the power cable and any other cables going into your monitors, such as HDMI, VGA, or DVI.

If it does not resolve the issue, you should unplug the cables and let them for a few minutes, then replug them to see if it works.

Incorrect input source 

If you have selected the wrong input source in the monitor’s settings, it can cause the display to power up.

You should double-check that the correct input source is selected, such as HDMI or DisplayPort, to solve the issue.

You must select the right source if an incorrect input source is selected in the settings.

You should also check the connections between the computer and monitor to ensure they are properly connected.

If there is any incorrect connection between them, you should unplug the cables and replug them into the correct ports.

Customer support 

If you still need any help with your Lg monitor, you should contact Lg customer support for further instructions.

Customer support has expert and qualified technicians; they can provide you with another solution for it.


How do I turn on my LG monitor without the remote?

It depends on the model of monitor you have; there are a few different methods for turning it on without the remote.

Most monitors have the power button on their left corner. You can gently press the button to turn it on.

If your monitor does not have an external power button, you can use the buttons on the back or side of your monitor.

These could be physical buttons or menu navigation buttons for moving up and down through menus.

Follow the instructions in your user manual to locate and navigate these menus and find the “power” option to turn on your LG monitor.

Is there a power button on my LG monitor?

Most LG monitors have a power button on the bottom-right or bottom-left side of the bezel, depending on the model.

Press this power button until the power LED lights up to turn on your LG monitor.

If your monitor does not turn on after pressing the power button, ensure it is correctly plugged into an electrical outlet.

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