Sceptre Monitor Turning on And Off (Quick Fixes)

Sceptre Monitor Turning on And Off

I was in my bedroom, engaged in an office task, when the lights abruptly began to flicker.

I looked up and saw that it was coming from my Sceptre monitor; it seemed to be repeatedly turning on and off. 

At first, I thought it must have been some kind of electrical issue, but then I realized that this was something more mysterious. 

So! I tried to troubleshoot the issue by myself, but nothing seemed to work. I researched the internet and found some possible solutions for resolving the problem. In this article, I will walk through these steps.

Let’s get started!

Sceptre monitor turning on and off

You should try these troubleshooting steps if your sceptre monitor turns on and off.

1. Overheating

When a monitor is overheating, the monitor goes off automatically to prevent any damage.

The main reason for overheating is excessive heat or dust, or vent blockage. Too much dust jams the vents, due to which heat cannot escape.

Another possible cause may be not balanced room temperature. You should turn on the fan or AC for the room in which you use your monitor to balance the room temperature.

If you face this problem, you should disconnect the monitor and allow it to keep cool for use again.

Before use, you should need to clean the vents properly with a vacuum cleaner. Once you clean the vents, turn on the monitor if it works.

2. Fix Loose cables

The common cause of why monitor turning on and off is a lose display cable. Sometimes the cables connected to the monitors are loose.

The same problem with the power cable or cord that connects the monitor to the socket is not connected well to the back of the monitor; it results in power loss, due to which your monitor turns off.

Sometimes, cables could be damaged with a twist or pinch due, which can cause a short circuit and your monitor screen to go black.

You should disconnect the cable from both ends, examine if the cable is free of any damage, and replug it securely and tightly. If the cable is damaged, you need to exchange it with a new one.

3. Malfunctioning Power Supply Unit

The loose connection of the power supply unit makes the monitor to not working at all. Sometimes dust on the PSU can cause the monitor to turn off.

You should clean the PSU and its fan, turn on the monitor, and check it. If it is not working, you should try with another PSU. Turn on the monitor and check if it works.

4. Check for Defective graphic card

A defective graphic cards can also cause the issue. You just need to remove the graphics card, turn on the monitor, and see if the problem is solved, so the graphics card is faulty.

Another issue you might face after turning on the monitor is a generic pnp monitor error which is caused by the graphic card.

You should need to update all the graphic card drivers and download and install all the new drives from the official sceptre monitor website.

 After trying these steps, turn on the monitor if it works.

5. Screen Saver or Activated Energy Saving Mode

If you enable the screen saver or energy saving mode on your monitor, it can force your monitor to go off and on, or it can completely turn it off.

You will need to follow these steps to disable the screen saver or energy saver mode:

1 Hold the window logo key and press the to open the dialogue box

2 Enter Powercfg.cpl to display the power widget options

3 Ensure the high performance is selected and corresponding to it; click on change plan setting and edit the plan setting.

4 Set the turn off monitor to never and click to apply

5 Open the RUN dialogue box and enter desk.cpl’@Screensaver, the screen saver setting will be displayed.

6 Set the screensaver to None, then click on apply.

Now you will see the problem will be solved.

6. Contact customer support

If you’re still facing this problem after trying all these steps, contact sceptre customer support. 

The customer support team will be able to assist you with different solutions or be able to provide repair or replacement offers.

Final thoughts

These are the possible solutions to fix the Sceptre monitor turning on and off:

  • Overheating
  • Loose cables
  • Malfunctioning Power Supply Unit
  • Defective graphic card
  • Screen Saver or Activated Energy Saving Mode


Why is my monitor switching off and on?

If you’re on the laptop, the issue is likely on the graphics card or monitor driver. But if you’re on the PC, it might be an issue with the power supply, display cable, or insufficient power to the GPU.

Why is my Sceptre monitor flashing on and off?

The flickering is a sign of the misplacement of the cables. Always be sure that you place the cables in the right place and check that each cable is connected to the monitor and system properly and plugged into the right port.

Why is my monitor not staying on?

Check the power cable of your monitor; if your monitor power cable is removable, try to replace it with another and turn on the monitor if it works.

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