How To Overclock Monitor To 165hz [Quick ways]

How to overclock monitor to 165hz

Being an enthusiastic gamer, I’ve always sought to enhance my gaming experience. Thus, when I learned about the potential of escalating my monitor’s frequency from 144hz to 165hz, I was eager to give it a go.

I had no idea how challenging and rewarding this process would be! After doing some research and after a few simple steps, I successfully overclocked my monitor in no time at all.

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about how to overclock your monitor up to 165hz so that you can enjoy an even smoother gaming experience.

Let’s get started!

When should you overclock your monitor?

If your monitor has 120HZ and you are watching over 120fps videos. So, your monitor is only capable of displaying 120fps, and you would not watch over 120fps.

Then you should need to overclock your monitor if your monitor is capable of high fps.

How to overclock monitor to 165hz

How to overclock for AMD users

If you have an AMD graphic card and want to overclock your monitor for more fps.

You can overclock your monitor by following the steps

1. Right-click on display, then click on the AMD Radeon settings

2. Now click on the settings which is usually in the top right corner

3. Then click on the display tab

4. Now click on the custom resolution 

5. Then click on the Create new 

6. Now write the refresh rate to your preference in the refresh rate tab, then click on the create

Another way to overclock the monitor

1. Right-click on display, then click on the display settings

2. Now scroll down and look for advanced display settings and click on it

3. Then click on the display adapter properties

4. Now click on the monitor tab

5. Then change the screen refresh rate to your preference 

6. Now click on the apply, and then your monitor goes blank for a couple of seconds; if your monitor handles it, it will apply, and if it’s not capable of handling it, then it will refresh after about 20 seconds

7. If you get a notification of keep changes or revert it then click on the keep changes

After creating the new refresh rate, the monitor display will went blank for a few seconds.

We recommend changing the refresh rate by adding 5HZ more to see how much your monitor can handle.

If you want a high refresh rate, experiment with it and see how much your monitor can handle.

How to overclock for NVIDIA users

If you’re an NVIDIA user wanting to overclock their monitor refresh rate.

Follow the steps to overclock your monitor

1. First, open the Nvidia control panel 

2. Now click on the change resolution

3. Then click on Create a Custom resolution

4. Now change the refresh rate to your preference and click on the test

5. If your monitor screen goes blank and shows it’s out of range, don’t panic; your monitor will disappear after a few seconds, and its means your monitor is not capable of running the high refresh rate

If your monitor goes blank for about 2 to 4 seconds and does not show anything, it’s a good sign because your monitor can handle a high refresh rate.

We recommend that if your monitor refresh rate is 140, then add 5HZ more it will work well.

Is overclocking safe for your monitor?

Some monitors support overclocking. If your monitor currently has a 120HZ refresh rate and you want to increase it to 165HZ.

It can be risky for your monitor. Because overclocking can generate heat and cause the hardware to heat up.

Which can reduce its lifespan of it and it can also cause permanent damage.

When you overclock your monitor, you will overload the monitor, which means it needs to work more, which causes the monitor to damage its components over time.

For example, if you run the car at the average speed every day, it will last longer as compared to when you try to over-speed it.

Another thing you should consider is the warranty of your monitor, as some of the brands allow you to overclock the monitor and others do not.

But in terms of your safety, it’s safe to overclock the monitor, but it can cause the monitor to wear and tear rate faster than the regular.


Is it worth to overclock monitor to 165Hz?

It’s not a big difference from the overclock monitor. If you overclock your monitor from 144 to 165, then 21fps is more than the 144HZ.

How to change 120hz to 165Hz?

For a change from 120 to 165, follow the steps.

1. First, click on the window key 

2. Then click on the settings 

3. Now select the system 

4. Click on the display

5. Click on the advanced display settings

6. Now select the refresh rate which you want and select the test; after selecting it, your monitor will go black for a few seconds.

Wrapping Up

You can overclock your monitor by following the above instructions, depending on whether your monitor can handle the higher refresh rate.

If your monitor goes blank and turns back in a few seconds so your monitor can handle it, and if it goes blank for a long time, it will not handle it.

We recommend that when you increase the refresh rate, you should add the 5HZ in it because it will be best and works well.

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