Can A 60hz Laptop Support 144hz Monitor (Complete Guide)

Can a 60hz laptop support 144hz monitor

I recently chose to improve my laptop’s performance by hooking it up to a 144hz monitor. This made me wonder about the capabilities of my older laptop with its 60hz refresh rate.

But then I realized something: could my 60hz laptop support a 144hz monitor?

After researching and experimenting with different configurations, I got my answer for a 60hz laptop that can support higher refresh rate monitors such as 144 Hz.

In this article, we will explore if it is possible and provide tips on how you can take advantage of the technology in your own setup. 

Which feature should you need in your laptop to support the high refresh rate monitors?

By following these steps, you, too, can unlock the full potential of your devices and enjoy smoother visuals no matter what type of hardware you have.

Let’s get started!

Can a 60hz laptop support 144hz monitor?

You have a laptop with a refresh rate of 60HZ, and you want to connect with the monitor, which has a 144HZ refresh rate.

The laptop refresh rate has nothing to do with the output of a monitor. So it means the 60HZ laptop can support the 144HZ monitor.

If the laptop’s graphics card is strong, it can handle the higher monitor. Some monitors have weak graphic cards.

But with the weak graphic card, you could super easily run a game.

Can you connect the 144HZ monitor to your laptop without the graphic card?

If you want to connect the 60HZ laptop with the 144HZ monitor to upgrade your gaming experience.

So your laptop should need a graphics card to support the higher refresh rate. There are a few things that you should keep in mind before connecting the monitor to your laptop.

Firstly, your laptop display should be capable of supporting a higher refresh rate, like 144 or 165HZ.

Secondly, a display port cable will be needed to connect your laptop to the monitor. 

Thirdly, ensure that your laptop is powerful enough to handle the higher refresh rate. 

Most of the new laptops come with a powerful GPU which can handle a higher refresh rate, but some of the laptops do not have the GPU or have a weak GPU.

A higher refresh rate gives you a more smooth gaming experience than a lower refresh rate.

The laptop without the graphics card can not handle the higher refresh rate, and the 60HZ laptop can not connect to the 144HZ monitor. A laptop with a weak graphics card also can not control the higher refresh rate. You could just run super easy games.

Problems while connecting the a laptop with 144HZ monitor

You can face various problems while connecting the laptop to the 144HZ monitor. 

Note the HDMI port nature with which you connect the devices.

You can not connect the laptop to the monitor if both have 2.0 HDMI ports. 

If ports do not support the cable, you can see the problem with the display, and the cable can not transmit the 


And if your monitor and laptop have a 2.0 HDMI port, you should buy the DL-DVI adapter. 

Benefits of connecting laptop with 144HZ monitor 

If you connect your laptop to your 144HZ monitor, then the monitor will provide great results on display.

You will not get any blurry effect on your display that you’re getting on the low refresh rate.

One of the benefits of using 144HZ over the 60HZ is it provides great picture quality and provides clear visuals.

And high refresh rate provides an immersive gaming experience to you. 144HZ provides more lag-free games.

One of the best benefits of using the 144HZ refresh rate is it increases the FPS rate. 

It is also beneficial for gamers because it provides a smoother and more responsive gaming experience.

Another benefit of using the 144HZ is it increases colour accuracy. It allows more colour data to be displayed on the screen.

And the higher refresh rate also reduces eye fatigue and eye strain. 


Can I use a 144Hz monitor on a 60Hz laptop?

A common question is whether a 60HZ laptop can support the 144HZ monitor.

The answer is Yes; it depends on your laptop; if your laptop is powerful enough, it can handle the high refresh rate.

If your laptop did not have the GPU or had a weak GPU, it may be challenging to connect the higher HZ monitor to it.

How do I upgrade my 60Hz laptop to 144Hz?

Follow the steps for changing the refresh rate

1. Click on the window key

2. Then select the settings

3. Now click on the system

4. Click on the display tab

5. Now click on the advanced display settings

6. Now change the refresh rate to your preference

Can I get 100 FPS on 60Hz laptop?

You can not get the 100fps on the 60HZ laptop because the 60HZ monitor can only display the 60fps.

The 75HZ displays the 75fps, and 144HZ displays the 144fps, and so on. 

How do I know if my laptop supports 144Hz?

Check the display settings of your laptop to know that your monitor supports 144 or 200HZ.

The easy way to open the OSD is to find it. 

Will a 165Hz monitor work on a 60Hz laptop?

If you have a monitor with a 165HZ refresh rate and a laptop with 60HZ and you have a question, does the laptop support the monitor?

If the video port can output that resolution and framerate you through, connect the monitor so it will work.

Wrapping Up

If you want to connect the 60HZ laptop to the 144HZ monitor, it is possible to connect the 60HZ laptop to the 144HZ monitor. 

But it is possible when your laptop has a powerful GPU. If your monitor does not have a GPU or has a weak GPU, it isn’t easy to connect with the higher refresh rate monitor because the laptop can not support the higher refresh rate monitor.

If your monitor does not support DisplayPort, you can not use the Free-Sync and G-Sync technologies because they require hardware support.

But you can do it by using the Displayport adapter to convert the display video output to the standard video output which your laptop supports.

If you’re serious about connecting the laptop to your monitor, we recommend choosing a laptop that supports DisplayPort.

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