How To Get Discord To Open On Second Monitor [Easy Ways]

How To Get Discord To Open On Second Monitor (Complete Guide)

I recall the first time I attempted to launch Discord on my secondary screen. It seemed like a daunting challenge because I was not familiar with the process.

After hours of trying and researching, I finally figured out the solution – and now sharing it with you so that you don’t have to go through the same frustration.

In this guide, we’ll look at how to use Discord on a second monitor in just a few easy steps. Whether you’re using two monitors for gaming or work purposes, this article will tell you exactly what needs to be done to make your Discord window available across both screens. So let’s get started!

The issue

Discord is not open on your second monitor because it does not remember its position when you close it.

You have to force it to open in a new window. That’s exactly what I will show you, how easy it is.

The ways to open the discord on the second monitor

Try these ways to open and use the discord on the second monitor.

Build dual display setup

Activate extend mode 

This feature will create a massive virtual workstead via separating the computer from all accessible displays.

 1. By selecting the win+p, select the extended mode 

2. Now drag the rectangle to confirm the proper guidance of a specific monitor on the computer using the trial and hit method

3. Identify to determine that it is 1 or 2

Assign a primary screen

  • Also, choose the screen checkbox and use it as a primary display; then, the other screen will become the secondary screen.
  • Scale the monitor refresh rate to a high level to get the same screen size on both screens; screen sharing is now set to the primary and second monitors.

Open discord on second monitor

Drag and drop

  • Click on the top bar to bring the discord into the focus
  • Now drag and click on it to the preferred screen
  • Click the current discord icon in the window taskbar to watch the miniature preview
  • Restore the preview by right click on it and selecting restore
  • Now move the repaired window panel by right-clicking on it 
  • Then drag the window to the ideal area on the desired screen by using the arrow key

Easy keyboard shortcut

To immediately jump over to the second display in the indicated direction, press the Win+shift+arrow key.

It will force the discord to open multiple displays.

Saving choose out of borderless window mode

Usually, the fullscreen is the primary issue, requiring the window to open at the primary monitor and subjecting you to the constant uphill task of repositioning the window after boot.

  • As a result, launch discord in borderless window mode 
  • It happens better when it goes smaller
  • Reduce the size to half one of the window
  • Remember not to maximize it again in case of you do not want to ruin the plot


Press win+shift+enter keys to save the present location and window size for the next time when you activate it.

Put an end

Put an end to every running thing of the discord by:

  • Now quitting the discord icon from the taskbar system tray next to the sound icon
  • We terminate all processes of discord directly from the details panel of the task manager details window 

Short way out

Setting up parameter

Using an adapter to the parameter would help to open the discord permanently on the second monitor.

Using config file

Locate the setting json file in the directory


For 720p display mode 

{ “IS MAXIMIZED”: false, “IS MINIMIZED”: false, “WINDOW BOUNDS”: { “x”: 320. “y”: 160, “width”: 1280, “height”: 720}

For 1080p display mode 

{ “IS MAXIMIZED”: false, “IS MINIMIZED”: false, “WINDOW BOUNDS”: {“x”: 384.“y”: 196,“width”: 1280,“height”: 720}

Set the values and save the file; as a result, it will maintain the window size and position on the desired monitor display.

Pros and Cons of Discord: Open on a second monitor 

The openness of Discord on the second monitor offers you a better tool for communication and collaboration.

After that, you can easily connect with your friends and share the activities, and you can even take part in the games.

But usage of Discord on the second monitor has its own pros and cons, which you should take into consideration before making the decision.

These are the pros and cons which you should take into consideration before making a decision.


Increased productivity 

Most users found that they have more productivity when they open the two windows at the same time.

With OpenDiscord, you can easily manage your work on one window and the chat on the second window.

Easy access to information 

If you want to reference something discussed in the chat, it may not be easy while the chat is hidden behind the other window on the primary monitor.

But with the open Discord, you can easily read all the messages discussed in the chat while you’re last logged in.

Reduce eye strain

Splitting the screen into two applications causes eye fatigue or eye strain over time.

But if you have opened Discord on the second monitor, then there will be less eye strain as compared to when you were to leave it open while working on the second application.

Improved performance 

If you have opened the Discord on the second monitor and left it in the background, then you will not see the difference between the Discord and the processor.

Visual notification

When the message enters the Discord server, the message will be displayed on the screen where you have opened the Discord.

When you have also sent a message, it will also display where the Discord will be running.


Using Discord on the second monitor will increase your productivity, but on the other side, it also has its drawbacks to using the Discord on the second monitor.

If you’re working on a document or project and you need to consult with someone else via Discord, then you will find yourself switching back and forth between the windows.

Also, if you have multiple discord conversations going at the same time, then it will be difficult for you to track them at the same time, and it will lead to frustration and confusion.

But using Discord on the second monitor depends on your own preferences and needs, and in order to get the most out of Discord, you must consider that your monitor supports the dual monitor to run Discord on the second monitor.

Your second monitor will display the only content that you’re using on the primary monitor.


How do I force Discord to open?

To force the discord to open, you should press the shortcut key Ctrl+shift+Esc to quickly open it.

Tap on the process button then, find the discord application, and then click on it.

Now click on the end of the task button at the right-bottom to kill the background discord process.

Does Discord support split screen?

The split screen on the android allows you to use two apps simultaneously. For example, you can use a split screen to keep messages and discord open on the same screen.

Why doesn t Discord open automatically?

It happens because the discord adds an update process to start up the folder during installation.

Its settings are configured to launch the app at window startup.

Wrapping up

If your discord is not open on the second monitor, you can open it by using the above solutions on your monitor.

This article is about how to get discord open on a second monitor. We discussed how to open it on a second monitor.

Opening the discord on the second monitor is a very straightforward process, and it makes your gaming and chatting enjoyable.

Before making the link, you must ensure that your computer supports the dual monitors simultaneously.

Then, ensure which kind of connection your monitor needs to work properly, and finally, use any of the above ways to open the discord on the second monitor.

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