How To Use 120HZ Monitor With Steam Deck (A Beginner Guide)

How To Use 120HZ Monitor With Steam Deck

Under the faint lighting in my room, I unwrapped my newly acquired 120HZ monitor, while my steam deck rested behind the lamp.

Then I thought, “Can I use my 120HZ monitor with the steam deck?” but I did have the proper answer.

Then I decided to research it, and I was shocked that no one website shared the knowledge about this.

But finally, after researching for four hours, I found the answer to my question.

This article will explore whether you can use a 120HZ monitor with the steam deck and how you can use it with the steam deck.

Let’s dive in!

How to use a 120hz monitor with a steam deck

Here is the step-by-step guide on how you can use the 120HZ monitor with your steam deck.

Ensure capability

Get the necessary things

  • Usually, the steam deck has USB-C ports, and it also depends on your monitor’s inputs. You may need the USB to HDMI or USB to the Displayport cable.
  • Ensure which cable you are purchasing that supports the higher refresh rate.

Connect the steam deck to monitor 

  • Connect the steam deck to the monitor using the appropriate cable or adapter 
  • If you want a more reliable connection, then use the dock, which has the HDMI ports 
  • Using the dock for your Deck is a more valuable way to connect to the monitor.

Configure display settings 

  • Boot up the steam deck once you have connected it to the monitor 
  • Then navigate to the display settings. It may be the Steam interface or Linux desktop, which you have installed one 
  • Now look for the refresh rate option, then set it to the 120 HZ 
  • Then ensure that you have set it to the according to your monitor 

Optimize game setting 

  • Not all of the games run at 120HZ automatically whether you set your monitor to the 120hz 
  • Go to the video settings while launching the games and ensure that they are set to the appropriate resolution, which is compatible with to monitor, and set to the 120 Hz refresh rate 
  • You should also ensure that you have the more powerful processing power to achieve the smooth gameplay
  • Then again, go to the game settings and adjust the game settings to achieve the right frame rate.

Test the connection 

Once you have set up everything, test the connection by playing various games one by one to ensure the Steam deck is working smoothly with the monitor.


Can Steam Deck run at 120 hz?

The steam decks are mostly monitor-friendly; you can use them with the support of the 4K resolution or the 8K with the 60hz refresh rate.

Can the Deck run with a 120hz monitor depends on the specs of your monitor. But we believe the steam deck can run at the 120 or even 240HZ monitors.

How do I get 144Hz on Steam Deck?

  • Firstly select the start, then choose the settings and navigate to the system 
  • Now look for the display tab and click on it, then goes into the advanced settings 
  • Next, choose the refresh rate, then select the refresh rate which you want.
  • The HZ depends upon how much your monitor can handle or support. 

Can you use a monitor with Steam Deck?

You can connect your Deck to the monitor like any other console with the USB-C to the HDMI adapter.

Wrapping UP 

Steam Deck provides the most joyful experience with its portable design and robust gaming capabilities.

But in order to get the most out of your Deck, you should use it with a higher refresh rate monitor like 120HZ.

In order to utilize this setup, it’s important to ensure compatibility between the monitor and Deck.

Before using the Deck with a monitor, ensure you have set the appropriate settings and adjustments.

Using these steps, you can quickly achieve smooth, responsive gameplay and true gaming with a higher refresh rate.

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