How To See Twitch Chat While Streaming With One Monitor

How To See Twitch Chat While Streaming With One MonitorImage source: Samsung

Live streaming on platforms like Twitch can be an engaging experience, but managing your chat while gaming on a single monitor can be challenging. Here, we will explore various methods and software solutions to help you interact with your viewers without missing a beat; specifically, how to see Twitch chat when you’re streaming with only one monitor.

Twitch Chat While Streaming With a Single Monitor

As mentioned above, streaming on Twitch is all about connecting with your audience, but managing chat interactions with just one monitor can be a challenge. Let’s break down all the ways you can solve the issue.

Using Your Smartphone or Tablet to See Twitch Chat

One straightforward method is to use your smartphone or tablet to view Twitch chat. Keep your mobile device handy, and follow these steps:

  • Set Up Notifications: Enable notifications to receive alerts when new messages appear in your chat. This allows you to respond promptly without interrupting your stream.

Using Overlay Software to See Twitch Chat

Enhance your streaming experience with chat overlays that display chat messages on your screen. Restream is a popular option, a powerful tool that streamlines chat management across multiple platforms.

How to Set Up Restream:

  1. Visit and sign up for an account.
  2. Link your Twitch account to Restream.
  3. Download the Restream chat application to your computer.
  4. Open the chat settings and customize the appearance to your liking.
  5. Set up a hotkey to control the chatbox during gameplay.

Note: To make Restream work seamlessly, ensure that your game runs in windowed or borderless-window mode.

Streamlabs Chat Box Widget

The Streamlabs Chat Box Widget encourages viewer interaction by displaying chat messages as an overlay. It’s another option you might consider. Here’s how to set up the chat box widget:

  1. Download Streamlabs OBS.
  2. Open Streamlabs OBS and locate the chat box widget in the dashboard.
  3. Customize the settings and save your changes.
  4. In the editor, add the chat box widget as a source.

Custom Window App

If you prefer not to use third-party software, you can use a custom window app to display Twitch chat on top of your game.

How to Set Up the Custom Window App:

  1. Extract the zip file and locate the transparent Twitch chat WPF.exe.
  2. When prompted with a Windows protection message, click “More Info” and then “Run anyway” for the first launch.
  3. Configure your channel settings by clicking the button in the top left corner.
  4. Right-click on the black border or the taskbar icon to move and resize the chat window as needed.
  5. Hide the borders by clicking the “0” button in the top right corner of the taskbar.

Twitch Chat Commands for Special Features

Twitch Chat offers a range of hidden functions and commands that can enhance your chat management capabilities. As a streamer, familiarizing yourself with these commands allows you to have better control over your chat room and interactions with your viewers. Here are some essential Twitch chat commands for special features:

1. /host

The /host command is a versatile tool that enables you to host another channel on your stream. When you use this command, your channel’s viewers will see the content of the channel you are hosting. It’s an excellent way to support other streamers within the Twitch community and promote collaboration. To use /host, follow these steps:

  • Type /host followed by the target channel’s name, e.g., /host [channelname].

2. /mods

The /mods command is a useful tool for streamers to view a list of all moderators in their chat. It provides you with a quick overview of the users who have moderation privileges in your channel. This command can be handy, especially during busy streams, to identify and coordinate with your moderators effectively. To use /mods, simply type it in your chat:

  • Type /mods in your chat, and the list of moderators will be displayed.

3. /ignore

The /ignore command allows you to mute or ignore a specific user’s messages in your chat. This can be helpful if you encounter disruptive or unwanted messages from particular users. When you use /ignore followed by the user’s name, their messages will no longer appear in your chat. To ignore a user, follow these steps:

  • Type /ignore followed by the username of the user you want to ignore, e.g., /ignore [username].

4. /unignore

Conversely, the /unignore command allows you to reverse the action of ignoring a user. If you’ve previously ignored a user but wish to see their messages again, you can use this command. Similar to /ignore, you’ll need to specify the username of the user you want to unignore. Here’s how to use /unignore:

  • Type /unignore followed by the username of the user you want to unignore, e.g., /unignore [username].

These Twitch chat commands provide you with a welcoming and engaging chat environment for your community. Whether it’s collaborating with other streamers through hosting, managing your moderator team, or dealing with disruptive users, learning these commands is worth doing to create a positive and enjoyable streaming experience for both you and your viewers.


How Do Streamers Read Chat While Playing?

Many streamers use game overlays that allow them to read chat while playing. These overlays display chat messages and stream-related events, making it easy to stay engaged with viewers.

How Do I Open Twitch Chat in Separate Windows?

  1. Open the chat settings, typically located below the input box.
  2. Click on the gear icon, then select “popout chat.”
  3. Choose the chat you want to open in a separate window.

Which Is Better, OBS or Twitch Studio?

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) offers more versatility, allowing you to stream on various platforms, while Twitch Studio is exclusively for Twitch streaming. Your choice depends on your streaming goals.

So there you have it, we’ve explored various methods and software solutions to help you monitor Twitch chat seamlessly with a single monitor. Experiment with these options to find the one that suits your needs and enhances your streaming experience. With these tools and techniques at your disposal, you should be able to stay connected with your audience and build a community while gaming on Twitch.

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