How To Clean Lg Ultragear Gaming Monitor (Without Damage!)

How to clean lg ultra gear gaming monitor

As an avid gamer, I understand the significance of maintaining cleanliness and good condition of your gaming gear.

After all, if you want the best performance out of your gaming gear, then keeping it spotless is essential.

I recently decided to take on the challenge of cleaning my LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor

It was a daunting task at first, but after some research and trial methods, I figured out the right way to do it without any hassle or damage. 

In this article, I’ll share with you exactly what steps to take so that you can clean your monitor without any scratches and damage.

Let’s get started!

How to clean lg ultra gear gaming monitor

Try these steps to clean your Lg ultra gear gaming monitor

1. Turn off the screen and unplug the monitor

Two reasons to turn off the screen and unplug the monitor.

1. A black screen can allow you to clean more effectively Because you can see the dust and dirt clearly on the screen

2. By unplugging the monitor makes it safer to clean so that you don’t have the risk of shock. Because it’s pretty unlikely to happen.

2. Remove the dust with a microfiber cloth or air duster

Before removing any marks on the screen, you should get rid of the dust first.

It’s crucial that you do not apply pressure on the display while cleaning it because it can damage the screen.

You should use an air duster, microfiber cloth, or soft brush to clean the display.

Here are more details on how to use them.

Air duster 

An air duster is a can of pressurized air to remove the dust from the screen without touching it.

You can take a low-price air duster online, or you should look for one which is specially designed for electronics. 

It helps remove the dust from the RGB sphere lightning ring, which is located at the back of the monitor if it has.

In terms of using the air duster, ensure that you’re holding the can uprights to prevent the gas from escaping.

Do not shake the can before use, and apply it in short, sharp bursts to ensure that the can is not too cold.

Ensure that you are applying it on the screen from the 6 inches distance to avoid pixel damage.

Dry microfiber cloth

Use the dry microfiber cloth to pick up the dust from the screen without damaging the screen, and you should not apply too much pressure while cleaning it.

Ensure that you use long, straight motions and circular motions because circular motions are better for removing the marks.

Soft brush

If you can not get rid of the dust at the edges of the monitor, then use a soft brush to remove the dust from the edges.

Ensure that the brush is not hard because it can damage the screen.

Use torch for missing areas 

Shine the light from the torch on the screen at an angle to highlight the missing patches of dust.

This will also highlight the stubborn marks on the screen, which have not been removed and need more intention.

3. Stubborn marks with distale water (At your own risk)

Dust can be removed easily with a cloth or air duster; it is more likely to not get rid of the stubborn marks.

This is where many people end up running their display because they use liquids that damage the screen.

Lg does not recommend using any liquid and cleaning spray to clean the display because chemicals are found in the regular cleaning sprays.

It can damage the protective film covering the monitor.

If you can not look at the marks anymore, then you can try distilled water to remove the marks. 

You should be very careful when doing this because if you do this incorrectly, then it can cause permanent damage to the screen.

The safe way to apply it is by dabbing it on the clean microfiber cloth and dabbing at the marks.

After removing the marks, let the screen dry or dry it with an air dryer. Then buff away the smear marks with a clean cloth.

Things to avoid when cleaning the monitor

I have already pointed out the main things to avoid while doing it, and now I have pointed out the points so you can avoid damaging the display.

1. Using non-microfiber cloth

Microfiber is the only type of cloth that you should use to clean the screen because it is

very soft and can pick the dust with very less pressure.

Do not use regular cloth or old shirts, or paper towels because these can scratch your display, and they need more pressure to pick up the dust, which also increases the chances of damaging the display.

2. Using dirty cloth

Ensure that the cloth is clean before using it for the cleaning. Using a dirty cloth can scratch your screen.

Using the dirty cloth can cause damage to the screen.

3. Scratching with nails or implement

It can scratch your screen by using nails to remove the stubborn marks from the screen.

I did not recommend doing this because it increases the chances of damaging the display because it applies high pressure.

You should just need to use the microfiber cloth or air duster to clean the marks or dust.

4. Applying too much pressure 

Applying too much pressure on the display can damage the screen. In many cases, it causes permanent damage.

You should avoid applying too much pressure using only one or two fingers on the microfiber cloth to clean the screen.

5. Applying compressed air too close to screen

If you are using the air duster to clean the dust, you should follow the instructions of the particular brand.

Usually, you should use the air duster 4 to 6 inches away from the screen because if you are using it too close to the screen, it can cause damage to the pixels.

6. Using display cleaner 

Using the display cleaner works in some cases; Lg especially mentioned that you should not use any chemicals on the display because it can cause damage to the screen.

The distal water is the only thing I would risk on it. But even to avoid it, I used only dry cloth.

7. Cleaning the monitor is still on

Not switching off your monitor not only makes it harder to find out where you need to clean it can also make the risk of pixel damage.

It is also dangerous for you. There are chances of you getting a shock.


How do I clean my gaming monitor?

Using the microfiber cloth to clean the monitor, now gently wipe the screen to remove the dust and fingerprints.

Do not apply too much pressure on the screen while cleaning it. You can also use the air duster to remove the dust from the screen.

Also, use distilled water with a clean cloth to remove the marks from the screen.

How do I clean smudges off my monitor?

To remove the smudges and fingerprints, spray the isopropyl alcohol on the clean cloth or use a pre-moistened alcohol wipe or Clorox disinfecting wipe.

Use for cleaning the screen, do not use bleach.

How do I clean fingerprints off my LG monitor?

Follow the steps to clean the fingerprints 

  • Unplug the monitor to avoid the shock 
  • Now use a microfiber cloth
  • Ensure its dry 
  • Now gently wipe the screen

Is rubbing alcohol safe for monitors?

Avoid ethanol, rubbing alcohol, and using bleach to clean the screen. They can leave permanent scratches on the screen.

These can also cause damage to the display.

Final thoughts 

The safest way to clean the Lg screen is by using a dry microfiber cloth to remove the dust and marks.

But if you want to remove the stubborn marks, use the distilled water dabbed on microfiber cloth for stubborn marks.

However, use it at your own risk because the Lg mentioned that you do not use chemicals on the screen.

Once you have cleaned your monitor, you should clean your room regularly with a vacuum cleaner to reduce the dust.

Avoid eating and drinking near your monitor, and also avoid touching the screen without any reason.

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