Do Computer Monitors Have Speakers?

Do computer monitors have speakers

My narrative begins with a query: do computer screens come with built-in speakers? It seemed like a straightforward inquiry; however, I was unable to locate a response anywhere.

Was it really possible to have sound come out of my monitor without having to plug in external speakers?

In this article, we will explore whether computer monitors have speakers or not if they did not have speakers, so how we can get sound from them.

Let’s get started!

Do Computer Monitors Have Speakers?

All of the computer monitors do not have speakers, except for a few. Some of the new models have built-in speakers, while the older monitors need external speakers.

If you want to use the monitor with the sound, you must connect it to the computer via an audio cable.

How To Test If Monitor Has Speakers?

We can check two different ways that the monitor has speakers. The first way is to check if the computer is playing audio from the monitor when it’s plugged in.

And another way is to check if the computer is playing audio through the external speakers.

To test if the monitor is playing audio when it’s plugged in. you can plug the monitor into the port of the computer and turn it on.

If the computer is playing audio through it so the monitor has speakers.

Connect the headphone or speaker to the computer port to test if the computer is playing audio through external speakers.

Then if the computer is playing audio through a connected device so the computer does not have speakers.

How To Get Sound From Monitor Without Speakers?

Try these methods to get the sound if your monitor does not have built-in speakers.

1. Use HDMI Audio Extractor

You can get the sound by connecting the HDMI audio extractor to the audio source. HDMI ports support both audio and video signals.

So you can use the HDMI splitter to connect audio and video to the two different devices.

You can get great audio quality through this method. It’s better for live streaming and playing video games.

Ensure that you enable the audio while using the connection. Make sure that your computer has an audio update driver installed.

Right-click on the output device and select the external speaker audio. They will be connected by using an HDMI splitter.

Ensure that you have an HDMI splitter to connect before staying the process. Now check if the sound is coming from external speakers.

2. Use Audio Connector 

If you have a Playstation or Xbox and you want to connect to your monitor and want to get the sound.

So, you can get the sound from the device without connecting to another device. Connect the console to the monitor and turn it on, and sound is playing through the console. In most consoles, it has an audio connection port for surround sound.

If you use the port, you can get excellent sound quality. You just need a 3.5 aux cable to connect your console to any device.

3. Use Audio Jack

Some monitors have an audio jack to connect any external device to the monitor. You can find jacks in popular brands like Dell, Lenovo, etc.

If your monitor has an audio jack so you do not need to worry about connecting any external device just use the jack for the sound.

These jacks are also known as headphones jack; you can use the jack for sound with a little loss of sound quality.

At the same time, use the jack splitter for the headphones and speakers. If the monitor has no speakers, it’s a great way to get the sound.

For using the audio output jack, follow the steps

1. Connect the aux cable to the monitor and the speakers

2. Choose the audio source by going into the computer settings 

4. Use Wireless Speakers

If your monitor does not have speakers, then use the wireless speakers to get the sound. You just need wireless speakers that have the wireless ability.

If you do not have the Bluetooth option on your computer, you just need to purchase the USB to Bluetooth cable.

It creates a connection between the computer and the device. 

5. Connect External Speakers

If your monitor does not have speakers, you can use the av multiport to get the sound. You just need the av multiport out cable to connect the audio output device and console.

Follow the steps to connect the cable

1. Connect the flat end of the multiport out cable to the gaming console 

2. Use color code to connect the audio device 

3. Now choose the option to connect to the speaker

You just need the PlayStation and AV multiport out cable to use this method.

Benefits Of Having Computer Monitor Speakers

If the computer monitor has speakers, it increases productivity and allows for excellent audio quality.

1. Increase Productivity

If the computer monitor has speakers, it increases productivity in listening to music, watching movies, and playing games.

2. Comfort

You can feel more comfortable, and you can listen to the sound comfortably if the computer monitor has speakers.

3. Improve Concertation

If the computer monitor has speakers so you can focus on your work correctly, it’s great for multitasking, and it avoids distraction for you.

4. Great Communication

If the computer monitor has speakers, it increases communication for you. You can communicate with others easily, and you can hear the communication clearly from the speakers.

5. Enhance Entertainment

You can enjoy movies and games and can listen to music clearly if the computer monitor has speakers.


Why do monitors not have speakers?

Some monitors do not have built-in speakers because it might be because of the more weight or price.

Do monitors produce sound?

Most of the new models of monitors have built-in speakers, and the old ones do not have speakers.

Because it increases the manufacturing cost of the monitors and makes the monitors more expensive.

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