How To Put Twitch Chat On Second Monitor (Easy Ways To Put)

How To Put Twitch Chat On Second Monitor

Yesterday, I parted with my old monitor by selling it. But before its final transition to the buyer, I transitioned my Twitch chat to my new monitor.

But I was worried because I didn’t know how to do this. Then I researched it and put my chats on my newer monitor.

If you are facing the same situation, then don’t worry because I will explain how you can do this.

Let’s dive into:

How to put Twitch chat on the second monitor

Before diving into how to put the Twitch chat on the second monitor, let’s understand why putting the chat on the second monitor is beneficial.

Enhanced interaction 

Twitch chat is not only a platform for streaming. It is a complete interactive community. 

In order to put the chat on the second monitor ensures that you will not miss out on any of the messages from the viewer.

Streaming experience 

You can play your games and continue your stream without interruption on your main screen.

Real-time feedback 

When you use the second monitor for the chat, Twitch, it will allow you to respond to your audience’s questions and suggestions without any hassle or interruption while playing the game in real time.

Things you need to put Twitch chat on the second monitor 

Before any of the steps, you will need the following;

Obviously second monitor 

Proper cables in order to connect the monitor to the pc 

A Twitch chat account 

Setting up the second monitor 

Before putting your Twitch chat account on the second monitor, you will need to set up your second monitor.

You must properly configure the compatibility between your monitor and pc and the proper cables to connect them.

In order to set up the monitor;

  • Firstly connect the second monitor to the pc using the appropriate cable 
  • Then turn on the monitor and pc
  • Now right-click on your display and select the display settings 
  • Now your second monitor will be displayed and setup it according to your preference 
  • Click on Apply to make the changes and save 

Putting Twitch chat on the second monitor 

Once you have set up your second monitor, it’s time to put the Twitch chat on the second monitor.

These are common methods to put the Twitch chat on the second monitor.

1. Using Twitch Popout Chat Feature 

Twitch’s built-in feature popup allows you to pop out the chat into a separate window.

In order to do it;

  • Open Twitch on your main monitor 
  • Now navigate to the stream which you want to move 
  • Then click on the settings icon in the chat tab 
  • Click on the popout chat 
  • Drag the window to the second monitor 

2. Using Browse Window 

Use the browse window if you want the whole Twitch chat on the second monitor.

In order to do it;

  • Open Twitch on your main monitor 
  • Then open a new browser window and navigate to the Twitch 
  • Now navigate to the same stream on both monitors 
  • Now hide everything on the second except the chat 

3. Using OBS for more control 

If you want more control, try the OBS because it offers more control and options to customize your streaming layout.

In order to do it;

  • Firstly download the OBS from its official website 
  • Now open the OBS and click on the view and select the docks
  • Then click on chat, and the chat window will be opened 
  • Now you can easily move and resize your chat to the second monitor 

Extra tips to utilize your second monitor 

You can also utilize your second monitor in various ways.

Streaming software 

You should use the streaming software on your second monitor in order to control the streaming settings on the go.

Monitoring system stats

Use apps like task manager or HWMonitor to keep an eye on your system performance.

Social media 

Open your social media on your second monitor for real-time interactions and updates.


How do I keep Twitch chat on my screen?

Firstly select the settings tab from the chat box, then select the appearance tab on the left side of the screen.

Now select the window always on the top option. When the options begin appearing, it will ensure that your chat box stays on the top of all windows you’re opened.

How do you use dual-screen on Twitch?

While watching the stream, type any of the stream names into the search bar, then click on the dual screen button on the right of the screen button.

If the search bar is empty, then click on the split screen button it will return to the single stream view.

Why is the Twitch chat overlay not showing up?

The in-game overlay will not appear if the entire monitor is captured or a fullscreen application or specific window must be selected.

Once a game is captured and the in-game overlay is enabled, then, it should begin appearing in the position that is specified or selected in the in-game overlay setting.

Wrapping Up 

Putting the Twitch chat on the second monitor can enhance your streaming experience, and it allows you to monitor the chat activity.

By putting the chat on the second monitor, you can keep your focus on your gaming while streaming.

This setup initially takes a little time, but the benefits for your interactions and engagement levels are worth it.

Happy streaming!

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