7 Best 32 Inch Monitor Under 300 ( Complete Guide )

Best 32 Inch Monitor Under 300

Are you looking for the best 32-inch monitor under 300?

You’re lucky! We have listed our top picks that will stay within your budget.

Whether you are looking for an ultra-wide display or a 4K resolution, here is something that suits your needs.

With features like HDR and low blue light technology, these monitors offer excellent performance without compromising quality.

Read on to learn more about the best 32-inch monitor under 300.

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Best 32-inch monitor under 300

These are the best 32-inch monitors under 300.


Best 32 Inch Monitor Under 300


  • 32-inch display size
  • Tight HDMI ports
  • Great picture quality
  • lightweight


  • No built-in speaker

Picture quality

The monitor offers a stunning picture quality if you’re looking for an incredibly crisp and vibrant display.

The monitor features a 4K Ultra HD resolution, providing users with over 8 million pixels. 

Every pixel is defined and detailed, allowing you to enjoy incredible clarity and detail in all your content.

Eye saver

The monitor features an innovative Eye Saver Mode designed to reduce eye strain by reducing blue light emissions.

This feature allows you to extend your viewing time with less risk of damage to your eyes from blue light exposure.

Monitor Eye Saver Mode also includes a Flicker Free feature that reduces the screen’s flickering to create a more comfortable viewing experience.

Refresh rate

The monitor is an excellent choice for those who demand a high refresh rate.

With a fast refresh rate of 144Hz, this monitor provides you an ultra-smooth gaming and viewing experience.

Response time

The monitor delivers a swift response time of 1 ms, so you’ll never have to worry about lag or delay when playing intense games or streaming content.

Its offer you a crisp and clear image without any lag and allow you to play the fast paced games.

Display port

One of the best features of the monitor is its Display Port which offers you a great way to connect the devices to the monitor.

DisplayPort can provide up to 4K resolution ensuring that visuals are sharp and clear.

It can support multi-monitor setups allowing you to expand your workspace.

The DisplayPort connection is easy to use as it requires fewer cables than other connections making setup simple and fast.

Monitor’s Display Port features make it an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable connection between their devices and monitors.

Light weight

The monitor is incredibly lightweight. Its sleek, slim design makes it extremely easy to transport and set up, even in cramped spaces.

The weight of this monitor is only 5.2 lbs making it one of the lightest monitors on the market.

This makes it ideal for students or professionals who are constantly on the go, as they can easily take their monitor wherever needed.

The ultra-slim design and lightweight construction also make this monitor an excellent option for those needing to save space.

Price point

The monitor is an excellent choice for you if you’re seeking a reliable, large monitor that won’t break the bank.

Its 32-inch screen size and modern design make it stand out from the competition.

Its affordable price point of under $300 USD makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious people.

2. SAMSUNG M5 Series

Best 32 Inch Monitor Under 300


  • Remote control
  • Hdmi cord
  • big display size
  • in budget


  • it does not tilt vertically and horizontally

Picture quality

The monitor delivers an excellent viewing experience with its advanced picture quality features.

The monitor features an HD resolution that provides superior color accuracy and sharpness.

The monitor offers excellent picture quality and brightness with its IPS display panel and LED backlight allowing even dark scenes to be displayed clearly.

The wide viewing angles make it an ideal option for watching movies or playing games with friends.

The monitor is an outstanding choice for the professional looking for a high-performance monitor to keep up with their demanding workload.

Refresh rate

The monitor has an impressive piece of technology. Its fast refresh rate is one of its best features.

With a refresh rate of up to 144Hz, the monitor allows for smooth visuals with no lag.

Its allow you to play the fast paced games without the sacrificing the picture quality.

Response time

It has an impressive 1ms response time allowing clear and crisp images with no ghosting or blurriness.

Making it ideal for anyone who wants a fast response time and responsive display.

HDMI port

The monitor is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a great monitor with HDMI support.

The monitor also has an impressive range of ports, including 2 HDMI ports.

This makes it easy to connect multiple devices at once without switching cables or finding extra ports.

HDMI cable

The HDMI cable of the monitor supports up to 4k resolution providing crystal clear images and smooth video playback at higher frame rates.


The series offers a range of features that make it ideal for multitasking entertainment and gaming.

The monitor comes with Picture by Picture technology, allowing you to switch between two sources without disconnecting cables or replacing settings.

A black Equaliser feature also adjusts the dark areas of games so you can see more clearly in shadows and other low spots on the screen.

You can even use multiple monitors together with easy Setting Box software. 

It’s perfect if you’re looking to create a multiple-monitor setup for work or play.

Easy controls

The monitor is an excellent choice with a remote control feature.

The remote control is easy to use with a slim design that fits comfortably in hand.

Its large buttons make it easy to navigate the menu and make adjustments.

The remote also has a dedicated power source menu and volume keys, which are easily accessible and convenient.

The response of the remote is excellent as it doesn’t require multiple presses when making selections.

This allows for quick navigation of setting options and provides an enjoyable experience. 

With a range of up to 8 meters (26 feet), you can still operate the monitor from a distance without any issue.

Easy to setup

The monitor is an excellent choice for you if looking for an easy setup and reliable display.

Its sleek design and stylish looks make it the perfect addition to any workspace. Setting the monitor is incredibly simple as well. 

Just plug in the power cord and connect your device to one of the above ports, and you’re ready to go.

3. ViewSonic VX3211-2K-MHD

Best 32 Inch Monitor Under 300


  • Great quality
  • Huge screen
  • Good price
  • HDR is great for gaming


  • built-in speaker is very weak

Picture quality

The monitor has a 32-inch display with a high resolution of 2560 x 1440, making it an ideal choice for you for exceptional picture quality.

The monitor features a Super Clear IPS panel that provides wide viewing angles, allowing images and text to be precise.

This makes it perfect for multitasking and collaborating with multiple people around the monitor.

Refresh rate

The monitor is a great choice if you value an excellent refresh rate in the monitor.

It has a high refresh rate of 75Hz, ensuring smooth and lag-free visuals; this refresh rate is incredibly fast and provides a great experience.

High Refresh Rate also allows for multitasking, allowing you to easily switch from one task to another without experiencing any interruptions.

Response time

The monitor also features an impressive 4ms response time. So objects can move across the screen with clarity and faster response times.

The monitor is an outstanding choice with this response time combination for gamers and professionals.

Blue light filter

The monitor also features a Blue Light Filter mode that can help reduce eye strain during long working hours or late-night gaming sessions.

This filter allow you to spend the more time in front of you screen without worrying about the eyes.


The monitor has multiple ports, including HDMI, Display Port, and VGA inputs, allowing you to connect various devices.

These ports allow you to connect the devices like mouse keyboard or mobile etc to your monitor without any extra cables.

Free of dead pixels

Dead pixels are one of the most common issues with LCD displays. These appear as black dots on the monitor screen.

Which don’t respond to display commands. They are caused by manufacturing defects or physical damage to the monitor.

Once it occurs, it cannot be fixed and will remain until the display.

ViewSonic has taken steps to improve its quality to reduce the number of dead pixel issues.

Price point

This monitor is a great choice if you’re looking for a monitor with excellent image quality and outstanding performance under 300$.

With its HD display, this monitor offers a stunning high resolution that allows you to take full advantage.

Overall, the monitor is an excellent choice if you are searching for a monitor that offers superior performance for under 300 dollars.

Without compromising on quality or features, with plenty of modern features such as high resolution.

4. Sceptre Curved 32-inch

Best 32 Inch Monitor Under 300


  • Picture quality
  • huge display
  • With graphic card
  • Built-in speaker


  • Does not offer accurate colors

Picture quality

The monitor is an excellent choice for you if looking to upgrade the display.

Its curved design and ultra-wide viewing angle make it ideal for gaming or other purposes.

The picture quality of the monitor is especially impressive. It delivers a crisp and clear image with its high resolution.

Refresh rate

The monitor has an impressive refresh rate and offers a great viewing experience with its ultra-fast refresh rate of 185 Hz.

That ensures that what you’re watching or playing will look sharper and more vivid without blurring.

Display port

The display port of the monitor has something unique: Not only it offers a wide range of connectivity options, but it also provides seamless visuals.

This supports up to 8K resolution at 60Hz for incredibly sharp images and quick refresh rates.

Built-in speakers

The monitor offers excellent sound quality with its built-in speakers. No matter what you’re watching, the sound coming out of these speakers is crisp and clear.

Two 8-watt speakers deliver powerful sound performance; its speakers have a digital amplifier, increasing their effectiveness.

This makes them suitable for a variety of sound sources both indoors and outdoors.

They are designed to reduce distortion even at high volume levels and offer noiseless operation for improved clarity.

The monitor also comes with an advanced audio system that allows you to adjust the bass.

This makes it possible to create a customized music listening experience that is just right for you in any environment.

The monitor has impressive technology to help you with your streaming and media consumption experiences.

Free of dead pixels

Some issues with dead pixels can affect the visual quality of your monitor. Dead pixels are a type of defect in LCD screens.

This can lead to a few white or black dots on your screen that could distract your experience.

Dead pixels can be annoying; it’s important to note how the Sceptre monitor handles them. 

The good news is that the overall number of defective pixels needs to be improved and should not cause severe problems for most users.

This model comes with an advanced pixel defect detection system that will alert you if any defects are present on your screen before you even notice them.

Price point

The monitor is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality display that won’t break the bank.

Under 300 dollars, the monitor provides exceptional value for money by delivering stunning visuals plus unique features.

For unbeatable performance at a highly competitive price compared to expensive.

5. LG UHD 32-Inch

Best 32 Inch Monitor Under 300


  • Budget-friendly
  • High resolution
  • Refresh rate of 60 Hz
  • Having 3 inputs


  • Built-in speakers are so bad

Picture quality

This monitor is the perfect combination of size resolution and picture quality.

Its 32-inch Ultra High-resolution display offers a stunning 3840 x 2160 resolution allowing you to experience movies and games like never before 

This monitor’s picture quality is superb, with vivid colors; the wide viewing angle of 178 degrees makes it ideal for both single or multiple viewers.

It’s no matter whether you’re watching a movie or playing online games, the visuals remain sharp and clear.

Refresh rate

The monitor offers an unbeatable refresh rate of 60 Hz, which means that the monitor can render images up to 60 times per second,

Creating a smooth and responsive viewing experience.

A fast refresh rate also helps reduce ghosting and input lag to provide crisp and clear visuals.

Response time

The quick response time ensures that changes you make on the screen are reflected almost instantly with minimal delay.

Perfect for those who demand immediate results. Its also deliver the clear and crisp image with the fast response time.

Display port

This monitor has features with an impressive display port that allows you to view content in full ultra-high definition (UHD).

The display port also supports 60 frames per second refresh rate for smooth gaming performance.

The display port also supports a multi-monitor setup to expand your work area or view multiple applications simultaneously.

This makes content appear sharper and more vibrant on the screen.

The monitor supports various HDR formats, including HDR10 HLG and Dolby Vision, for stunning contrast and color accuracy.

HDMI port

When connecting your devices, this monitor comes with three HDMI ports that support 4K Ultra HD resolutions at 60Hz refresh rates.

This makes it easy to connect your gaming consoles and other multimedia devices with it.


The adjustable height feature of this monitor is exceptionally convenient for your comfort.

This monitor allows for a wide range of height adjustment options allowing you to customize the individual viewing experience.

The monitor has the ability to extend up to 24″ in height, and the monitor can be positioned at an optimal level providing plenty of workspace on your desk.

The stand features a quick-release button, enabling users to easily adjust the height with one hand.

This monitor also allows for multiple angle adjustments, which means you can tilt the screen into different positions for better visibility and more comfortable use.

6. AOC C32G2 32″ Curved

Best 32 Inch Monitor Under 300


  • Great picture quality
  • refresh rate is up to 144 Hz
  • Adjustable height
  • No dead pixels


  • No Colour Accuracy control

Picture quality

The picture quality of this monitor is absolutely stunning, with a vibrant color range and super-sharp image clarity.

The curved design allows for more expansive visuals from edge to edge giving you a truly immersive experience.

The wide 178° viewing angle ensures the colors stay accurate and consistent no matter where you sit.

The monitor delivers clear images even when displaying fast-paced action scenes.

Response time

The monitor’s excellent response time makes it an ideal choice for gaming and work.

The 1ms (Moving Picture Response Time) ensures fast and smooth visuals with virtually no motion blur enabling faster input detection so you can enjoy the best experience available.

Refresh rate

This is further supported by the 144Hz refresh rate that provides flicker-free performance.

Monitor features a Rapid refresh rate that detects incoming content and automatically switches to a low latency mode reducing input lag.

While keeping smooth visuals throughout your entire experience.

This makes it perfect for gamers who need that extra edge in competitive games or streamers who need to keep their audience engaged.


This monitor is also an excellent option for anyone looking for a display with quality visuals and advanced port options.

The monitor also features a wide selection of ports, including two HDMI 2.0 ports, one Display Port 1.2 port, and one HDMI 1.4 port supporting MHL devices.

The Display Port 1.2 port offers the best performance out of all the available options.

With support for video resolutions up to 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) at a 60Hz refresh rate.

This means you can connect it to your PC or gaming console and enjoy an incredibly detailed and smooth visual experience with no input lag or screen tearing.

Motion blur

The monitor is an excellent choice for you if value motion blur performance.

It also uses Motion Blur Reduction (MBR) technology that works behind the scenes to reduce any blurriness caused by quick movements on the screen.

This can be especially useful in fast-paced games where sharpness and clarity are essential. 

To activate this feature, you have to turn on Motion Blur Reduction from the graphics card settings menu.

Then adjust its intensity via display menu, making it easy to access.

Tilt adjustment

It also has a tilt adjustment capability to find the perfect viewing angle for your setup.

The tilt adjustment allow you to find the best viewing angle without neck pain or eye strain.

Slim design

The monitor offers sleek lines and slim bezels on three sides, providing an elegant look.

Its looks stylish and give and elegant look to your office with its modern look.

Price point

This monitor is excellent for you if looking to upgrade the viewing experience without breaking the bank.

With a price point of under 300$, it’s one of the most affordable curved monitors, and its features make it an excellent value for money.

Overall this monitor provides incredible value for its price point of under 300$.

7. LG QHD 32-Inch 

Best 32 Inch Monitor Under 300


  • No dead pixels
  • Budget conscious
  • Refresh rate up to 75 Hz
  • Big display size


  • No speakers
  • No height adjustment

Picture quality

The monitor is an excellent choice for you if looking to enjoy high-quality visuals.

With an HD resolution of 2560 x 1440, this monitor provides incredibly sharp and detailed images.

The crispness of the picture becomes even more impressive when you consider the expansive screen size.

The 32-inch panel provides you with an immersive viewing experience allowing to take advantage of every pixel available.

This monitor delivers incredibly accurate colors. The monitor is an ideal choice for professional image and video editors.

Refresh rate

The monitor offers an impressive refresh rate of 75Hz, allowing you to enjoy smooth, crisp visuals with minimal blurring or ghosting.

A high refresh rate ensures optimal performance when dealing with fast-moving objects and gaming.

This allows for a responsive experience unparalleled by monitors with lower refresh rates.

Display port

This monitor offers an exceptional display port making it an excellent choice for professional and casual.

The display port is designed to provide enhanced connectivity options and supports both HDMI 2.0 and Display Port 1.2 standards.

This allows for easy multi-monitor setups perfect for gamers or other professionals needing multiple screens.

Free of dead pixels

One of the most common issues that can be encountered with the monitor is dead pixels.

Dead pixels are small bits of the display screen that remain inactive and dark even when powered on.

This can create spots of darkness in an otherwise crisp and vibrant display.

There are two types of dead pixels: stuck or hot and dead pixels.

Stuck or hot pixels appear as a single bright dot on your screen when powered on.

While dead pixels appear as black spots on the same area where you would expect to see a pixel activating.

Both can become quite annoying if they occur in a place you frequently use while working or gaming.

Thankfully LG has implemented several measures to mitigate the occurrence of dead pixels in their monitors.

Potent power

This Monitor has a potent power supply making it an excellent choice for those who need to work with heavy graphics or other energy-intensive tasks.

The monitor has a 100W power adapter that can deliver up to 140W of peak power allowing for faster video rendering and other intensive activities.

The monitor is compatible with 120V and 240V power sources, so you can plug it into almost any outlet worldwide.

Price point

The monitor is an excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers who need a great display.

With its High resolution, the monitor provides a stunningly sharp picture with deep colors and perfect contrast.

This monitor is worth considering if you’re looking for an affordable and reliable display that won’t break the bank but still delivers excellent performance and visuals.

How to choose the best monitor with 32 inches under 300

Monitor size

32 inches is an ideal size for a monitor for a low budget; it allows a large display for a great experience.

If you don’t need to share the screen, you can buy a 27 or 28-inch monitor because it is less expensive and fits your budget.


If you want a 32-inch monitor under $300, consider the ports. 

Most monitors come with multiple port options depending on the connections you need.

Most modern monitors have HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB ports HDMI can be found on most newer laptops, so it’s the most popular computer connection.

Refresh rate

When looking for a 32-inch monitor under 300 dollars, ensuring its refresh rate meets your needs is essential.

When choosing a monitor, paying attention to the refresh rate is essential. 

A higher refresh rate will result in smoother visuals, while a lower one can cause blurring or stuttering when gaming or watching videos.

Mostly 60Hz is recommended, although some gamers may require higher refresh rates, such as 144Hz or 240Hz, for optimal gaming performance.

Response time

When selecting a monitor, response time is an essential factor, affecting things such as gaming performance.

A good response time to look for a 32-inch monitor is 5 ms or less; a faster response time will result in smoother animations on the screen when playing video games or watching movies.

Lower response times will reduce eye strain due to reduced motion blur during fast-moving images.


Monitor with a high resolution of 4k with proper implementation of HDR content will appear better than without hdr and better than a regular SDR monitor.

Some 4k monitors support HDR, and some inexpensive monitors also support HDR; you need to raise your budget or select a lower-resolution monitor.


What is the best monitor for under 300?

SAMSUNG M5 Series has a refresh rate of 144 Hz under 300 $

AOC C32G2 32″ Curved has a refresh rate of 144 Hz and curved monitor under 300 $

ViewSonic VX3211-2K-MHD has a resolution 2560 x 1440 refresh rate of 75 Hz under 300 $

Is a 32-inch QHD monitor good?

A 32-inch QHD monitor can be a great choice for you for its excellent display size, resolution, and price.

It offers 2560 x 1440 pixels of resolution, comparable to Full HD (1920×1080), but with more real estate on the screen.

A 32-inch QHD monitor is an excellent choice if you are looking for an affordable yet powerful display option that provides excellent image quality.

Is 32-inch monitor OK for gaming?

At the size of 32 inches, you can find high-resolution monitors, and 32-inch monitors are likely good for gaming because they have high refresh rates, fast response times, and plenty of features.

What is the best 32-inch monitor for work and play?

Our choice for work and play is Sceptre Curved 32-inch because it has excellent Picture quality, a huge display, and a graphic card.

It has excellent sound quality because it has a built-in speaker.

What resolution is best for 32-inch?

3840 × 2160  is the best resolution for a 32-inch monitor.


We hope our article helped you choose the best monitor. 

Our top picks include; AOC C32G2 32″ Curved and ViewSonic VX3211-2K-MHD. 

Because these monitors provide several features, a 32-inch display, and a reasonable price. 

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