Are Curved Monitors Good For FPS Games (Are they Best)? Explained

Are Curved Monitors Good For FPS Games

As an enthusiastic FPS gamer, I have always been on the hunt for methods to improve my gaming experience.

After all, who doesn’t like having the edge over their opponents? So when curved monitors made their way into the market, I just had to try them out and see if they could give me that extra boost of performance in my games.

I decided to research and find out what experts had to say about this new technology.

In this article, I will explore the pros and cons of the curved monitor and also if the curved monitor is good for fps games.

Let’s get started!

What is a curved monitor?

Are Curved Monitors Good For FPS Games

When curved monitors were launched in the market, they became popular. There is no difference between the flat and curved except for the curviness of the monitor.

These monitors come with the R or radius, the radius measured in the millimetre. Nowadays, curved monitors have only three R measurements 1800 and 3000 or 4000 R.

The curviness of the monitor will be large if the number is lower than the others; it means the aperture will be wider. 

All measurements of the curved monitors are not available, but you can find the radius measurement in the range of these three numbers.

The small size of a curved monitor is 24 inches, but it’s better to have a large screen (32 inches or more) for a better gaming experience.

Is a curved monitor is good for FPS games

A curved monitor is possibly a great option for the fps games. Many gamers prefer flat monitors over curved screens for fps games.

To raise your skills, the curved monitor shows some weaknesses, especially for first-person shooters.

Sometimes, curved monitors have large displays with low refresh rates and another reason it would be bad.

This is because the minimap is farther away in fast-paced games and requires your valuable time to turn your head slightly to see it.

Pros of a curved monitor

The usage of curved monitors has many advantages, some of which are included.

  • The ultrawide monitor offers a wider viewing angle
  • It delivers picture quality like real life
  • Consistent colour accuracy from any angle
  • Reduce eye strain 
  • Improved gaming experience
  • Helpful in the multitasking
  • Cool and pronounced
  • Looks stylish

Cons of a curved monitor

  • It works great when it works on the one monitor
  • For an effective result, a large display is needed
  • Expensive
  • Wall mounting problem 
  • Need more space
  • Curved monitors are designed for only one person; more than one person can not use a single screen.

Difference between curved and flat monitors

Are Curved Monitors Good For FPS Games

Some key factors can affect how your gaming experience with a flat or curved monitor. Let’s take a look at the difference between flat and curved screens.

Size and weight

Curved monitors are wider than flat monitors, that’s why they are more immersive. The screen must be enough to cover the player’s vision.

The curved edge of it makes it easier than the flat to see the whole screen at once while you’re closer to it.

Flat screens are 23 to 27 inches in width, but you can still find 32 inches to 43 inches or larger.

The flat screen is not enough to cover the whole screen at once.

Colour quality

Each monitor displays a different amount and quality of colours, and many monitors support HDR, which allows for high-quality luminosity in dark browns and bright whites.

A curved monitor can deliver a consistent colour as every pixel is angelly delivered to you.

Flat monitors can cause the colour to appear slightly different depending on how far away you are and which angle you view from.

Is a curved monitor better for gaming?

A curved monitor has many advantages and solid arguments for choosing it over the flat one.

But picking the best monitor for a great gaming experience and fast-paced games, the curved monitor is the great option for you.


Are curved monitors good for FPS gaming?

It depends on the preference of the game and the type of game you’re playing. A curved monitor provides a more immersive experience for games like Fps.

Do curved monitors reduce FPS?

The monitor does not change the performance, whether it’s flat or curved. 

Are curved monitors better or worse for FPS?

Curved monitors provide an immersive experience in the games than flat ones. 

Even a modest size of it relay draws you into the action, and a gentle curve can wrap your view to heighten the experience.

What is the disadvantage to curved monitor?

There are many disadvantages of curved monitors. The main disadvantage of the monitor is that it’s expensive.

Its curves also cause distortion and glare.

Why do gamers use curved monitors?

The curved monitors are easier on the eyes and provide a better view and also provide more comfortable view.

Both are the same in terms of performance, like colour accuracy, refresh rate, and panel technology.

What curvature is best for gaming monitor?

Well, the human eye has a range of 1000R. A curvature rate that is close to 1000R is the best.

Curvature has reached the 1500R, which is more in line with the human eye than the 1800R.

Some professional gamers recommended the 1500R for a great gaming experience.

What are the pros and cons of a curved monitor?

If you’re deciding to switch from a flat monitor to a curved one, here are some pros and cons to help you decide.


  • Fewer reflection
  • Wider field of view
  • Immersive gaming
  • Stylish 
  • Reduce eye strain
  • Accurate colours


  • Price
  • Wall mounting problems 
  • Need more space
  • The screen is not enough for more than one person

What’s the purpose of a curved monitor?

The reduced field of vision is because the curved edges are farther away from your eyes. The curves of the monitor improve the clarity of the images.

And the curved monitors delivered lightning-fast response time, high dynamic range, and 4k ultra-high resolution.

Wrapping Up

The curved monitor may be the best monitor for FPS games. But some professional gamers prefer flat monitors over curved ones for fps games.

In the way of increasing your skills, the curved monitor shows some weaknesses, like first-person shooters.

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