Can I Play Wow On Multiple Monitors? Answered

Can I Play Wow On Multiple Monitors

WOW stands as one of the top Warcraft video games. If you’re curious about whether it’s possible to play this game across multiple screens, have no fear.

Because I have tested it and researched it so we could play Wow on multiple monitors. Read this guide until the end to know whether you can play Wow on multiple monitors.

Let’s dive into:

Can I play Wow on multiple monitors?

Yes, you should consider the boundaries of monitors, which provide a significant visual gap that may throw you off.

If you’re playing the game, you will not be able to reposition anything because everything will remain in its original location.

It does not mean you can not play Wow on two monitors, but you can play Wow with the help of the Nvidia GPU. With Nvidia features, you can play the wow on two monitors easily.

Best way to combine the two screens

Select the option to extend these displays from the drop-down list of the box which is next to the multiple displays.

Then the monitor desktop will extend to the second display while combining the two monitors.

Then both of the displays will be able to use one desktop.

Benefits of using multiple monitors for gaming

Most pro gamers prefer two or three monitors because you can see more things on one big display than just one.

Is it worth having multiple monitors for gaming

If you want to play the game on live stream, you will need two monitors for chat and game.

So the multiple monitor setup helps you to open up the streaming chats or tools on the secondary monitor.

The multiple setups also help with the one big display, so you can see everything clearly and big compared to the single displays.


How to play Wow on 3 screens?

  • In order to play wow on 3 screens:
  • Download and install the auto hotkey
  • Now install the add-on under the interface and add it to the folder 
  • Launch wow 
  • Open the main menu and opens the system 
  • Then open the graphics settings 
  • Set the display settings to the full screen and set the window size to the default or auto
  • Click on the ok button to save changes 

How to run WoW twice on one computer?

  • Launch the desktop app 
  • Now launch the wow account which you have, then click on play
  • Press the alt+tab to switch to the app
  • Now select the different wow account and click on play 
  • Then repeat the process 3 to 4 times as needed 

Can I play a game across 2 monitors?

An extended display makes your gaming smoother and responsive across all your moves; it also engages your live audience while playing games.

With all these benefits, you should play the games on dual monitors for better gameplay.

Wrapping Up

Playing the WOW on multiple monitors is possible, and it can also enhance your gaming


It offers an expanded view of how it could be advantageous in several situations, such as during PVP battles or exploring the wow universe.

Before playing the wow on multiple monitors, you must ensure your system can handle the multiple monitors.

Because the high capabilities of the system and its powerful GPU and the CPU is essential for smooth gaming.

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