Hp Monitor Settings For Gaming [8 Best Settings]

Hp monitor settings for gaming

Being a gamer, I understand the significance of getting the gaming configurations correct. However, I was unsure about the optimal gaming settings for my Hp monitor.

Then I decided to research it, and I found the Hp monitor setting for gaming and how I can do it easily.

In this article, we will explore the best monitor setting for gaming and how you can do it by following simple steps.

Read on if you do not know the monitor’s settings for gaming.

Let’s get started!

Hp monitor settings for gaming

These are the best Hp monitor settings for gaming.

Why do you need to calibrate your monitor for gaming?

Calibrating is the process of changing the settings for the gaming that you want. In the calibration, there are various changes like brightness, Gamma settings and contrast.

By adjusting the calibration adjustments, you can get consistent colours in any condition, and it also protects your eye while using the monitor for long hours.

1. Resolution

The screen resolution refers to the visual dimension of the display in terms of pixels per inch. And the screen resolution has a big impact on gaming.

Screen resolution determines the clarity of your display: the high resolution has a clear and hd display, and the lower resolution has a blurry image.

1920*1080 is considered the ideal resolution for gaming, but the resolution depends on your needs and preference, and size of your monitor, and the distance where you view the monitor.

Follow the steps for adjusting the resolution

1. Search the control panel in the search bar and click on it

2. Now click on the appearance and personalization

3. Click adjust screen resolution

4. Move the slider to your preference display resolution

2. Viewing distance 

A viewing distance has a big impact on your gaming, but it can not be set by the setting. It is the distance from where you are viewing the monitor.

Sitting too near the monitor can harm your eyes, so you need to follow the recommended viewing distance.

The viewing distance depends on the size of your monitor, and the experts prefer to sit far 1.5 times the size of your monitor.

3. Aspect ratio

Most people confuse the aspect ratio and screen resolution; the aspect ratio defines the height and width of the image on screen, and the resolution defines the number of pixels in the image.

By adjusting the aspect ratio of your monitor, you can enjoy your gaming.

The 16.9 is considered the best aspect ratio for gaming, but it can be increased to 21.9 if you have a 4k monitor.

The aspect ratio is adjustable on the graphic card control panel.

Follow the steps to change the aspect ratio

1. Right-click on the desktop

2. Now click on the control panel

3. Now click on the scaling

4. Click on customize the aspect ratio

Now set the aspect ratio of your monitor 

4. Refresh rate

The refresh rate of the monitor has a big impact on gaming. The refresh rate defines the smoothness of the monitor.

A standard monitor has a 60hz refresh rate, and it can not deliver a smooth and clear, and crisp image.

While the gaming monitors deliver a 240hz refresh rate, which is enough for gaming and delivers a great gaming experience.

You will need a powerful graphic card to support the refresh rate if you buy the 240 monitors and do not have a powerful card, so it is a waste of money.

But if you have a powerful graphic card and you’re running the monitor at 60hz, then you need to increase it.

Follow the steps for increasing the refresh rate

1. Right-click on the desktop, then click on the display setting 

2. Click on the advanced display setting

3. Now click on the display adapter settings

4. Then select the monitor tab and pop up 

5. Now, from the drop-down monitor setting, choose the refresh rate 

5. Brightness and contrast 

If you want to enjoy your gaming, then you will need to change the brightness and contrast settings of your monitor.

If your monitor is set at an improper contrast and too much brightness, it can cause headaches and fatigue, and the black screen can cause a boring gaming experience.

Some expert gamers prefer bright colours, while others prefer blanched colours.

Some gamers prefer the brightness setting from 250 to 300 and contrast ratio from 70 to 80%.

If you did not set your monitor’s brightness and contrast, you should change it to the preference point.

Follow the steps for setting the brightness and contrast of your monitor

1. Press the menu button on the side of your monitor 

2. Now select the brightness and set it to the preference point

3. Then select the contrast and set it too

6. Colour temperature 

The colour temperature of the monitor prefers how the particular colours display. Colour temperature plays an important role in the picture quality.

If your monitor’s colour temperature is set at zero, then your monitor will display a red screen. If it is set to the high point, it will display a blue screen. 

The default colour temperature for gaming is 6500k, but you can adjust it according to the game you play.

Follow the steps for setting the colour temperature

1. Press the menu button on the monitor 

2. Now click on the colour setting 

3. Then set the colour temperature to your preference

7. Gamma settings 

The gamma of the monitor describes how quickly the image can turn from black to white or white to black.

The gamma settings set the output visuals of the image to your needs. If you prefer the darker display, set the gamma setting too high.

And if you prefer the bright display, then set the gamma setting to the medium gamma setting. It will display a bright display.

The ideal gamma setting for gaming is between 2.2 to 2.4.

Follow the steps for adjusting the gamma settings

1. Navigate to the control panel 

2. Now click on the display, then click on the advanced display setting

3. Click on the display adapter properties 

4. Click on the colour management tab

5. Now click on the calibrated display

6. Now start the calibration process 

7. Now adjust the slider for changing the gamma setting

8. Sound settings

The built-in speakers have a big impact on gaming, but nowadays, the monitor comes with tiny built-in speakers.

If your monitor has tiny speakers, then you need to enable the sound setting, or if you do not have the time, then use these speakers.

Follow the steps to enable the sound setting

1. Connect the monitor to the pc, then turn it on

2. Access the on-screen setting by pressing the menu button

3. Now go into the audio menu to ensure that the speakers are not mute

4. On the display of pc right-click on the speaker icon 

5. Now select the playback devices 

6. After ensuring the list, right-click on the monitor speaker and set it as the default 


What monitor setting is best for gaming?

The best monitor setting for gaming is to set the colour temperature to 2.2. It will display the saturated display.

If you set it to the high as 2.4, it will display the oversaturated and dark display. And the lower will lose the contrast in the darker areas.

What is HP Enhance+ monitor setting?

Hp+enhance+resolution improves the image quality with the help of noise reduction and crisper and cleaner images.

The advanced noise filter improves the image crisper by the reduction of exploration.

Wrapping Up

These are the best Hp monitor settings for gaming.

  • Resolution
  • Viewing distance 
  • Aspect ratio
  • Refresh rate
  • Brightness and contrast 

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