How Are Curved Monitors Measured? Explained

How Are Curved Monitors Measured

As a gaming enthusiast, I’ve always been intrigued by the architecture of curved monitors. However, do you ever ponder how their curvature is quantified?

I was curious about how they are measured and which things are needed to measure them.

I remember when I started researching this topic and was surprised to learn how curved monitors are measured.

I discovered that there is actually a special method for measuring curved monitors that ensures accuracy and precision. 

This article, will explore the specific steps involved in properly measuring curved monitors so you can get an accurate measurement of your screen’s size and shape.

Let’s get started!

What is the 1800R AND 3000, 4000R?

It represents the radius of the monitor as 1800R is equal to an 8-inch radius, 3000R is equal to 10, and 4000R is equal to a 12-inch radius.

Usually, anything lower than the 1800R will not take up too much space and give a curved feel.

3 Main ways to measure curvature of your monitor

There are 3 main ways to measure the curvature of monitor. The first is the handy formula That helps to calculate the distance between the two parallel lines of your screen.

You can also use the built-in tool to measure the radius of your monitor. But sometimes, you need easy arithmetic skills to measure.

Firstly measure the size of your monitor to determine the width and height of your monitor.

How to measure 1800R

The first way to measure the curvature of your monitor is 1800R. It means it has a total 3000 mm curved distance.

And the straight line from one corner of your monitor to the other corner creates an arc that measures 1800 mm on its outer edge.

How to measure 3000R

The second measurement of the monitors is 3000R. It means it has a 3000mm curved distance. It has a 30-degree arc on its outer edge.

If you connect one corner to the other corner with the help of the straight line, it will make 3 full circles that wrap around your monitor screen.

How to measure 4000R

The third way to measure the curvature of your monitor is the 4000R measurement. It means it has a 4000 mm curved distance.

Which uses the 3-degree arc on its outer edge. To measure 4000R, you should draw a straight line from the corner of your monitor until it meets the circle at its endpoint.

What is meant by the radius of the monitor?

The radius of the monitor is the measurement of the bend on the monitor’s screen. To get the radius of your monitor, you should need a ruler and place it on the screen as it touches both ends.

The number where the ruler meets will be the Radius of your monitor. The radius of your monitor will be low if your monitor is more curved.

What is horizontal curvature?

If the radius of your monitor is greater than its height or it has a lower radius on its left or right edge than it does in its center, then the horizontal curvature refers.

1800R is the most common number of horizontal curvature. It means they have a deeper curve on their sides or outer edges than they have in their center.

They also have a shallower curve on their bottom and top edges than they have in their midsection.

What Is Vertical Curvature?

How much your monitor is curved inwards is measured or determined by the vertical curvature. 

If it has a small number, it means it has a large curve on the screen. Vertical curvature is the most important thing for the dual monitor setup.

If you’re using the two curved monitors side by side, you should ensure that they should match up in the vertical curvature.

Which one is best for you?

It depends on your needs and what kind of experience you want from your monitor. If you want the big screen or you value sheer entertainment, the 4000R is a great choice for you.

If you value the productivity and immersion of the monitor, 3000R is the best option for you.

And the 1800R is similar to the 3000R monitor, but the only difference is that it is not noticeable and pronounced.


Are curved monitors measured diagonally?

When it comes to curved monitors, they can be measured diagonally from the top corner of your monitor to the left corner of the monitor.

It means the 32-inch curved monitor has more space than the 32-inch flat monitor.

How do you measure a curve?

You can measure the curve of your monitor by measuring the straight corner from point to point.

It can be measured by a ruler. For measuring the depth of the curve monitor, take a half measurement of the chord.

How to calculate monitor size?

You can measure your monitor size by measuring the distance from one corner of the display to the other corner of the monitor.

Wrapping Up

The curvance of the curved monitor is significant by the radius, which is measured in millimeters. There are three most common measurements of curved monitors (1800, 3000, 4000R).

If your monitor has a lower radius number, it means that your monitor has a large curve in its display.

All common measurements of curved monitors are measured above in the article. You can also measure your monitor curvnace by reading the above way.

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