Curved Or Flat Monitor For Sim Racing: Which Is Best?

Curved Or Flat Monitor For Sim Racing

As a sim racer by profession, I am constantly on the lookout for strategies to enhance my performance and stay competitive.

One of the most important decisions I have to make is using a curved or flat monitor for sim racing. It’s not an easy decision because both offer unique advantages and disadvantages.

I’ve been using flat monitors for years now, but recently I’ve been considering switching to curved monitors due to their improved picture quality and wider viewing angle.

In this article, we will explore the advantages and drawbacks of curved and flat monitors for sim racing so that you can make an informed decision.

Let’s get started!

Is a Curved OR Flat Monitor Best For Sim Racing?

When it comes to choosing the monitor for gaming, it depends on which game you are playing and what are the uses of the monitor outside the gaming.

Flat monitors are helpful for various tasks like video editing and digital art, but curved monitors provide an edge to gamers.

If you plan to watch movies or use them for social media, the flat monitor is helpful for you. Because the flat ones are cheaper.

And if you want to buy a monitor for playing fast-paced games and want great picture quality so the curved monitor is the best option for you.

Why Should Curved Monitor Use For Sim Racing? 

A curved monitor is one of the best options if you’re looking for the best monitor for sim racing.

Curved monitor are designed with a curve in its screen, allowing you a wide viewing experience when playing games.

The curve in his screen creates more depth in the picture, makes it more immersive, and allows a life-like experience.

Advantages Of a Curved Monitor

The benefits of the curved monitor are

1. Offer a greater field of view 

One of the best advantages of a curved monitor is its viewing angle. If you’re sitting in front of it or at the right or left side of the monitor, it provides a better viewing experience than flat monitors.

2. Large display

One of the best advantages of the curved monitor is its large display. With its; large display, it’s easier to read the text on display.

The large display of the monitors allows you to see the detail of images and games. 

3. Less eye strain

 The curved screen of the monitor also makes a comfortable viewing angle and reduces eye strain.

The curved design of the monitor allows you to see everything at once. Its curviness will enable less distortion.

4. Stylish

If you’re one of those who care about looks, the curved monitors are stylish and eye-catching.

The monitor’s looks, edges and design won’t leave anybody inefficient. The curved monitors are more stylish than the flat ones.

5. Improved gaming experience

Curved monitors are most popular among gamers because they make gaming realistic and provide an immersive experience.

Its bend makes the games life-like and provides the experience like you’re in the game. So if you’re a gamer, the curved monitor can be the best option for you.

Disadvantage Of a Curved Monitor 

If you’re on the market and purchasing a new monitor, you may be considering one with a curved screen.

You might have heard that curved monitors are better than flat ones, so before buying this type of monitor, there are some disadvantages of curved monitors.

1. Most expensive

One of the biggest disadvantages of a curved monitor is its price. The price of a curved one is much more than a flat one.

2. Wall mounting problem

Flat monitors are likely positioned flush with the adjacent wall. The shape and design of the monitor are more difficult to mount on the wall than they needed specific mounts for positioning to mount.

You will need to buy the new mounting bracket; swivel and tilt adjustments are the alternatives to overcome the wall mount hurdle.

3. Need more space 

Curved monitors need more space than flat monitors. And the common ratio is 21:9 in the curved monitors, so they are much wider in height relation and have a certain depth and are large in size. 

Why are Flat Monitors Not Good For Sim Racing? 

Flat monitors can not provide a better experience than curved monitors. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of flat monitors.

Advantages Of Flat Monitor

Here are some advantages of a flat monitor.

1. Lightweight 

The flat monitors are more lightweight than the curved ones. If you want a lightweight monitor for gaming so the flat one is the best option.

2. Cheaper

The flat one is cheaper than the curved one. If you’re budget conscious and want a monitor for gaming on a budget, then the flat one are the cheaper then flat one.

Disadvantages Of Flat Monitors

Here are the disadvantages of flat monitors.

1. Lack of native resolution

The flat monitors have a great display, but the larger screen than the native resolution may cause motion blur, an unbalanced screen and darker images.

Flat monitors can only show the information on the specific resolution they are designed for.

2. Dead pixels

The flat monitors display dead pixels at times when the electric current one or two pixels can not operate or if one or more cells are permanently aligned.

3. Pixels response time 

The flat monitors do not have the required pixel response time compared to the curved ones. It may be caused by the ghosting in the videos and fast-paced video games.

4. Viewing angle

Lcd has a flat-screen, which may cause the image to look dimmer and fully die out

5. Screen

Flat monitors have a slim design and are attractive, but they are more prone to damage and screen breakage.

Which One Is Better For Sim Racing On My Personal Usage?

On basis of my personal usage, I prefer the curved monitor for sim racing. The immersive experience it offers, combined with a wider field of view, makes it feel like I’m genuinely part of the race.

While there are certain downsides, such as price and space, the benefits, in my opinion, outweigh the cons for this specific use case.


Is flat or curved triple monitor better for sim racing?

A curved triple monitor provides an immersive experience for sim racing. It also provides a great contrast ratio with deeper black to make dark scenes look gorgeous.

What monitor to use for sim racing?

An IPS monitor is better than both TN and VA monitors. It delivers great colour quality and produces stunning pictures.

Its high refresh rate is also great for fast-paced games like Sim racing.

Is 60hz monitor enough for sim racing?

Sim racing is different from other gaming, but nowadays, it’s rare to run Sim racing at 60fps and 60Hz physically too.

It would not behave realistically on the bumpy track, and the reference points cant take tiny undulations into account because it can’t even see them.

What is the ideal FPS for sim racing?

The 60 or higher fps can be best for Sim racing. With higher fps, you can enjoy a great experience.

Wrapping Up 

The curved is the best monitor for Sim racing because it provides you great picture quality and its high refresh rate is best for fast-paced games.

It also provides a large viewing angle and provides a large display for depth in the picture; it delivers a life-like image.

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