How To Hide The Back Of A Computer Monitor [7 Easy Ways]

How to hide the back of a computer monitor

I possessed an ancient computer monitor that I wished to tuck away in my home workstation, despite its size and unsightliness being an issue.

I knew there had to be a way to make it disappear without throwing it out after researching and trying out a few different solutions.

I finally discovered the perfect way of hiding the back of my computer monitor. In this article, I’ll share with you the steps that I took so that you can also find success in hiding the back of your computer monitor.

Let’s get started!

How to hide the back of a computer monitor

Let’s take a look at the easy ways to cover the back of your computer monitor. Use the methods to your preference.

By using these ways, you can cover the worst parts of your computer monitor. The usage of the methods will depend on your computer monitor setup.

Let’s look at them.

Quick ways

  • Plants
  • Privacy panels
  • Picture frames
  • Wireless setup

1. Plants

How to hide the back of a computer monitor

The first solution is using the plants to cover the back of the computer monitor. It also provides a greenery look to your room which looks very efficient.

Adding the plants to your desktop is not covering the back of the computer monitor; it also boosts your setup. You can use artificial plants for your setup, so you will not need to keep their water or take care of them. 

The artificial plants will remain the same as the real plants. Their colour also remains constant. If you want to use real plants, you should water them daily and get them out into the sunlight for about 30 minutes.

You can also use stylish ports to cover the back of your computer monitor. You can use fake or real ports for it; it depends on your preference.

2. Privacy panel

How to hide the back of a computer monitor

If you want an easy or simple way to cover the back of a computer monitor, then you should buy a privacy panel for it.

Privacy panels are usually used in offices or for the focus on work. The panels can add a boost to your setup.

You can attach with ease the panels to the wall or the back of your desk. The panels also have brackets on them to connect with any surface.

You can also add fabric with stylish patterns on the panels to look stylish or eliminate a boring setup.

3. Picture frame

How to hide the back of a computer monitor

Use the picture frames if you want to cover the back of your computer monitor. You can also use your memories photo in a frame to cover the back.

It will also provide an aesthetic look to your setup, and it will look great. But the only con of using the picture frame is that they need more desk space to place them.

4. Get wireless setup

How to hide the back of a computer monitor

A wireless computer and monitor is another solution to cover the back of your computer monitor. If you use the wireless setup, hiding and cleaning the cables when they are not connected directly will be easy.

But the only con of it is that it can be expensive for you. But if you can afford it, it will be much easier for you to cover the back and clean it.

5. Use a folding screen 

Usually, the folding screens are used for decoration, changing areas, room division, etc. The folding screen will cover the ugly backside of the monitor.

A lot of the folding screens are tall and can cover more than just the monitor, which might be more than you just want.

There are also small folding screens, which are more popular than the taller ones. You can place them on the floor or desk as you need.

If you need to place the screen on the desk, then you should consider a screen between 1 to 3 feet, and if you need to place it on the surface, then you must consider the 1 to 5 feet tall screen.

Folding screens also give a nice touch to your desk compared to the regular ones.

6. Add a bookshelf

If you have some extra space around your setup, adding the bookshelf is also not a bad idea.

Adding furniture also adds an aesthetic look. It also gives a more beautiful look if you’re adding the matching color and size and design furniture.

If you do not have space or do not want to add a medium bookshelf, you must consider the small bookshelf, which will cover the back of your computer monitor.

Then, add some books and fake plants to the shelf to efficiently cover the back of the monitor.

7. Use a clamps 

If you do not want to break the bank to hide the back of your computer monitor, consider the clamps.

Then, the clamps are a very cost-effective way to hide the back of your monitor and manage the wires with ease.

For this, you will need to buy clamps and then use them to manage the wires on the wall to make a design behind your workspace.

It will only add aesthetic looks, but you can also make designs using wires and clamps. not have a high budget, you must consider the above ways to improve your workspace.


How do I make my computer screen visible to only me?

You can make the screen only visible to you by following the steps

1. Use the privacy panels around your computer

2. Keep the desk clean

3. Use a privacy filter on your computer

How do you hide a monitor on the wall?

You can hide a monitor on the wall by following the steps

1. Paint the behind a wall with a dark shade of colour

2. Invest in the great monitor

3. Hide it with frame plates

4. Hide with artwork

5. Mout the monitor in the corner of the wall

6. Do not set all your furniture toward the monitor

How to hide a computer tower

You can hide the computer tower easily. You just need a few cable ties and creatively use the paper clipper and twist ties, and you can go to achieve professional results.

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