Can You Run DCS World on a 60 Hz Monitor? Explained

running DCS on 60hz monitor

There’s no question that DCS World (Digital Combat Simulator World) is the best flight sim right now. As developer Eagle Dynamics continues to add more content to what is already a very robust package, more players are looking to get involved. But when choosing an optimal setup to enjoy the game at its best, you’ll want a solid monitor to go with it. Most importantly, one that runs at a decent framerate. But if the budget doesn’t allow, can you run DCS World on a 60Hz monitor? Let’s explain.

DCS World on a 60 Hertz Monitor

Put simply, yes you can run DCS World on a 60hz monitor. As with any game, the monitor resolution is somewhat irrelevant to whether a game can run in the first place. The real question is whether you want to run DCS on a 60 Hz display. 

As a reminder, a monitor refresh rate is measured in the Hertz; it describes how much the screen can refresh the display every second. Generally, the 60 Hz monitor refreshes the screen 50 to 60 times every second, and the 120 hz monitor refreshes the screen about 100 to 120 times.

For a game like DCS World that is best enjoyed with a smooth framerate, it’s not honestly ideal.


When you’re playing games, two different frame rates are working, the game frame rate, and the monitor refresh rate frame rate. The capability of your hardware determines how many frames your PC can produce, but what you see is entirely dependent on what display you’re using.

If your monitor delivers only a 60 HZ refresh rate, that’s the maximum frames you’ll ever see. It doesn’t matter what your PC says it’s producing. The display cannot handle more. Of course, what that does mean at least is that you should get a very smooth performance, which is a good thing. Sometimes, though, screen-tearing can be an issue (which we’ll address below in the V-Sync section).

The point is that if your computer is capable of running the DCS world at a higher frame rate, a 60 Hz monitor isn’t preferable. For those who can afford a 144, 280, or 360Hz display, the game would look much better using something at a higher refresh rate — though again, only if your hardware can produce the frames.


If your monitor shows screen tearing on 60 fps, it’s struggling to maintain a stable framerate. You’ll want to enable the V-Sync to get a tear-free screen. You can enable it in the game settings.

It will cap the game’s frame rate according to the monitor’s frame rate. On the flip side, using the V-Sync can also lower the input lag and generally hamper overall performance. If you have a monitor with a high refresh rate, switch it off.


Can I Game on a 60Hz monitor?

Yes, gaming on a 60 HZ monitor is just fine. Remember, most console video game players using a TV only ever experience 60Hz.

By comparison, professional gamers using PC hardware have shifted from a lower refresh rate to a higher one in the past few years. It’s much smoother and especially good for FPS games or anything with fast movement.

But you can not deny the benefits of the higher refresh rate as the 120 or 140 HZ; you can notice the difference between the 60 HZ and the 120 HZ monitor.

Is 60Hz to 144Hz Noticeable?

Yes, there is a major jump in performance between 60-144Hz. You will notice the difference. Serious gamers are advised to go with a much higher hertz than 60 if possible.

Wrapping up 

Sure, you can run the DCS world on the 60 HZ monitor, but it will vary depending on your computer hardware capabilities and how you’re using your game settings.  A 60 HZ monitor can only deliver 60 fps per second, but the actual frame rate depends on your pc performance. Ideally, you want  120+ FPS and 120+ hertz.

Hopefully, this has been a useful guide in answering your queries about running DCS at 60Hz.

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