Onn Monitor No Sound [6 Ways To Get Sound]

On monitor no sound

The majority of monitors lack integrated speakers and therefore, cannot produce any sound. I just encountered this issue myself quite recently. I purchased an Onn monitor and hooked it up to my ps4 to play some games.

But the Onn monitor has no sound. I tried simple ways to get the sound, but nothing worked.

Then I decided to research it, and I found out why my Onn monitor has no sound and how I can get sound from it.

In this article, we will explore why your Onn monitor does not have sound and how you can get the sound by following some simple ways.

Let’s get started!

Onn Monitor No Sound

These are some ways to get sound if your Onn monitor has no sound.

Does Onn Monitor Have Speakers?

If your monitor sound is not working and you did not know how to get sound on Onn monitor, then firstly, you must ensure that is your monitor have speakers?

As not all of Onn monitors comes equipped with built-in speakers, they need a separate speakers or headphone jack to delivers the audio.

In order to ensure is your monitor has built-in speakers or not, is a simple way to go into the manufacturer website and look for the specific model which you have and read the description to ensure is it have speakers.

If you did not get any clue from this method then you can also check by reading the user manual that comes with the monitor.

How To Enable The Inbuilt Speakers On the Monitor?

If your monitor has inbuilt speakers, but you do not know how to enable them and use them. For enabling the speakers, ensure that the sound card is installed on the computer.

Follow the steps for enabling the inbuilt speakers 

1. At first, right-click on the sound icon, then click on the playback devices 

2. Now scroll the list and look for the speakers, then click on them

3. In the pop-up menu, select the speakers as the default, and you will get many options but click on the built-in speakers 

4. Click on the configure, then click on it. Now test to check if they are working well

How To Get Sound From Onn Monitor Without Speakers 

1. Using HDMI Audio Extractor 

An HDMI audio extractor used to connect a device using HDMI will pull the audio from the extractor.

You can connect any device to the extractor, including the speakers and the s[speakers. It also uses the HDMI port for it.

An audio extractor supports only one HDMI input device, but you can also use the HDMI switcher to connect multiple devices.

Here is the example process for connecting the audio extractor we are connecting to the Xbox to the speakers.

1. Connect the HDMI output from the source device to the HDMI input audio extractor 

2. Now connect the speaker to the extractor using analog audio outputs on the extractor. For connecting, you will need an aux cable if the speakers have aux inputs 

3. Now connect the auxiliary input from RCA to AUX cable to the speakers 

Now the sound from the Xbox will play through the speakers or any device you connect to the audio extractor.

To enable the audio output while using the HDMI audio extractor 

1. Ensure that the computer sound driver is updated 

2. Now right-click on the output device, then select the audio output from the external speakers 

3. Use the HDMI splitter if you want to connect the more devices 

4. Reset the device if the sound is not produced 

2. Using The Output On Monitor 

If your monitor has at least 4 mm audio out, then you can connect the speakers to your monitor. For connecting them, your speakers also have 3.5 mm inputs.

Here is the procedure 

1. Buy the two sets of the male to male audio cables and also buy the audio splitter 

2. Now connect the cables to the speakers 

3. Also connect the cable to the female end of the splitter 

4. Connect the male end of the cable to the monitor 

It’s also an easy and effective way to get the sound from the input speakers of the monitor.

3. Use Optical Out Connection 

Many professional gamers use the optical out connection to the speakers or the device.

It is a high-quality connection for transmitting the audio without going through the analog conversion process.

You should connect the output of your console video to the monitor and audio from the console to the speakers.

Here is the procedure for connecting the output connection

1. Connect the optical cable to the monitor 

2. Then connect the other end of the optical cable to the enabled device like Mixmap and connect the cable to the receiver if you have the large sound surround 

3. Now connect the headphones to the mixamp and enjoy 

Use Composite Cable(For consoles)

An AV multi-port cable has a video connection and left and right audio channels. And this composite connection delivers standard audio and video.

You will never be able to watch HD video while using this cable. Ps3 and other consoles have the AV multi-port for outputting video and audio data.

To do this, you just need to connect the display cable to the console and then connect the speakers using the LR audio channels.

If your speakers have the 3.5 jack, you need a 3.5 mm male to RCA female adapter. You can also use the composite-to-component converter if you use a composite cable.

4. Use Component Or RGB Cables (For consoles)

Component cables are another way to connect to your speakers. You can also get high-quality audio while using the component cable.

The component cable will supply the audio to the right and left connections.

Here is the procedure for using the cable 

1. Connect the cable to the AV multi out on the console 

2. Now connect the speakers using the L/r channels 

3. If your speakers are using the jack, then you will need a 3.5 mm male to RCA female adapter 

4. Then change the audio console settings so the sound output through the audio output connectors 

5. Now the system will be ready to go

5. Connect Wireless Speakers

By using the wireless speakers, you will be able to get the sound wirelessly without using any connection.

You just need simple Bluetooth speakers to pair with the system, and then you can play the audio.

If your system does not have Bluetooth, you can also use the USB to Bluetooth cable or wireless hub that connects by USB to the device.

You can get the sound wirelessly using the USB to the Bluetooth cable. You can also get a better sound by using this cable.

How to pair Bluetooth device 

1. Turn on the Bluetooth of the device and ensure that it’s ready to pair 

2. Now click on the window key on your monitor, then click on the settings 

3. Then click on the devices. Now click on Bluetooth and other devices 

4. Then add the device and, choose the device and, follow the screen instructions then, select done 

5. After that, the device will connect automatically the next time

6. Use USB Multi-Port Adapter 

If your monitor does not have a jack, then you can also get the sound from the monitor by using the USB multi-port adapter.

Connect the adapter to the USB of the monitor but ensure the type of the port is its standard or USB C port.


How do I turn on the speakers on my monitor?

At first, right-click on the sound icon, then click on the playback devices. Now click on the name of your monitor if you connected the HDMI or DisplayPort.

But if you connected the DVI or VGA, click on the speakers.

How do I select a monitor as a sound output?

Follow the steps for selecting the monitor as sound output

1. Select the audio icon 

2. Now click on the arrow to select the audio devices 

3. Select the playback devices and the new monitors’ default sound set to the monitor, then connect the HDMI or DisplayPort.

How do I enable audio on HDMI?

Connect the HDMI to your computer and the output device. Now search the control panel in the search bar, then click on the sound.

Now click on the playback devices, then set the audio output source as HDMI.

Wrapping Up

These are the possible ways to get sound from your monitor if your Onn monitor has no sound. At first check the monitor is it has inner speakers or not.

If the monitor has no speakers then you should check the monitor to expert technician for solving the problem.

Now Ido like to hear form you!

Which method did you use to get sound from your Onn monitor. Do you still need more ways to get sound from your monitor?

Did I miss something?

Let me know in the comments.

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