Lg Monitor Sound Not Working [10 Proven Fixes]

Lg monitor sound not working

The other day, while I was using my laptop, I observed that the audio from my LG monitor was not functioning.

At first, I thought it might be a problem with my laptop but then realized that it must be something wrong with the monitor itself.

After hours of troubleshooting and trying different solutions, I had finally figured out what was causing the issue.

In this article, we will explore the possible causes and solutions for why your lg monitor sound not working.

Let’s get started!

How to Fix Lg monitor sound not working

You should try these solutions if you are facing a problem with your LG monitor sound not working.

1. No built-in-speakers

Before any troubleshooting, it’s important to start with a simple solution. In the case of LG monitors, the sound not working may be caused by the absence of built-in speakers.

If you’re facing a problem with your LG monitor sound, you should check whether your monitor has a speaker.

You should use external speakers if you do not find the speakers. 

2. Faulty audio cable

A faulty audio cable can cause this problem. You should check the cable; if you find any cracks and damage, you should repair it.

Check the cable with another monitor; if the other monitor does not work with the cable, you should replace it with a new one.

You may not need it if you don’t want to buy a new cable. Some Lg monitors carry the audio signals through the HDMI/DP cable.

If you have a new model of Lg with multiple ports, you can try them and ensure that any error does not come.

3. Audio source

Ensure the presence of speakers; after ensuring the presence of speakers in your monitor, you should check the audio source selected on the pc.

Sometimes, the audio is not set to the default audio source, which may cause this problem.

You should change the audio source of your monitor.

Change the audio source by following the steps

1. First, right-click on the speaker or sound icon

2. Now select the playback devices  

3. Now you can select the audio source to your preference

4. Pc volume settings

Pc volume settings can cause your monitor sound not working. If you’re using multiple audio units and you have changed the settings, you may need to increase the volume settings for the LG monitor as an output audio device.

Change the volume settings by following the steps 

1. Firstly, search the control panel in the search bar and click on the result

2. Now select the option view by large icons

3. Then click the sound

4. Now go to the communication tab, select do nothing and apply 

5. Now again, click on the sound and select the speakers and click on the properties\

6. Click on the level tab to ensure the pc volume is set high

7. Now go to the advance and select the highest bit and apply it 

5. Low volume

Lg monitor with a built-in speaker allows you to adjust the volume by using the joystick at the bottom of the monitor.

Sometimes, low volume settings can cause your monitor sound not working. You can change the volume of your LG monitor by tilting the joystick left or right to increase and decrease the volume of your monitor.

6. Loudness equalization setting

If you’re using Windows 10 or 11, the loudness equalization can automatically control the pc loudness.

The automatic control normalizes the sound, reduces it when it’s too high, and increases it when it’s too low.

You should enable the loudness equalization settings if you’re using the low window and not enable the settings properly. 

Enable the loudness equalization by following the steps

1. First click on the search bar, then search control panel; now click on the control panel

2. Now select view by a large icon 

3. Click on the sound icon 

4. Select the speakers and click on the properties

5. Then click on the enhancements 

6. Now enable the loudness equalization

7. Then click on apply and click the ok 

7. Outdated audio driver

Usually, when you buy a new monitor, it does not have its required driver installed. You should check the installed driver is working correctly before installing or updating the driver.

You should update the driver if it’s not working properly.

Update the driver by following the steps

1. First, write device manager in the search bar and click on it 

2. Look for sound and video games controller double click on it

3. Now right-click on the option you get 

4. Then click on the properties

5. Now open the driver tab

6. Now select the update driver 

7. Select the search automatically for the driver

8. If it shows the best driver is already installed, click on the search for update driver on window update

9. Then click on the check for updates 

10. It may take 5 to 10 minutes to check the updates 

If you find the updates for drivers, update them.

8. Bios audio setting

Before going to the technician, check the last thing is the pc Bios. Sometimes the pc audio is disabled from the Bios.

It’s a normal problem when you buy a new pc, and it might skip a couple of things in the setup.

You should check the audio is disabled in the Bios; if it’s enabled in the Bios, you should disable it.

To open the Bios quickly, press the ESC key during the startup. 

9. Run window audio troubleshooter 

Windows 10 and 11 have the troubleshooter to help the user resolve the issue. 

Here are the steps to do it:

1. Open window search by pressing the “window+S” 

2. Now type the “troubleshoot setting” then open it by clicking on it 

3. Now select the “additional troubleshooter” in the right panel 

4. Click on the “playing audio” then click on the “run troubleshooter button” to diagnose the issue 

5. Then, the audio troubleshooter will automatically scan the issue, and it will suggest a possible solution for the issue.

10. Restart your pc 

If you recently installed new software or an app to your PC, it may cause audio issues.

Usually, restarting the PC can wipe the unnecessary files and clear all caches that cause the issue.

In order to restart the PC, press the power button on your PC until the PC is not fully turned off, then let it for a few minutes.

Then restart the PC and try to play music to video to see if it works.


How do I get sound on my LG monitor?

Firstly, open the start menu by clicking on the window key then click on the control panel. Now select the sound and hardware.

Then select the adjusted system volume.

Why is no sound coming out of my LG monitor?

Sometimes, the volume of your pc is not set correctly, which may cause your monitor to have no sound coming out.

It may occur when you use multiple audio sources. Changing the monitor volume to an audio output unit would be best.

Final thoughts

These are possible solutions if your Lg monitor does not work, you should try these solutions to fix the issue.

  • No built-in-speakers
  • Faulty audio cable
  • Audio source
  • Pc volume settings
  • Low volume
  • Loud equalization setting

If you’re still facing issues with your LG monitor sound, then get in touch with a professional technician for further instructions.

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