Is 144hz Monitor Good For Adobe Illustrator? Explained

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The key element is the refresh rate that your monitor can handle for effectively using Illustrator.

It is important because the refresh rate defines the speed of display while operating heavy software like Illustrator.

If you have a question in your mind about whether a 144 Hz monitor works well with illustrators or not, then don’t worry and read this article till the end. 

Because here I will explain with reasons whether it would be better or not.

Let’s dive into:

Is a 144hz monitor good for adobe illustrator?

The HZ refers to the Hertz, which describes how frequently the display will refresh every second.

If your monitor is 144HZ, it will refresh the display 144 times every second, which is more than the traditional monitors with a 60HZ refresh rate.

Why does the refresh rate matter?

The higher refresh rate ensures a smoother and clear display. It also reduces the motion blur and offers a more responsive display.

Pros of using 144HZ monitor for Adobe 

These are the most common pros of using the 144HZ monitor for Adobe.

1. Smooth in animation and transition 

If you’re working on the animation and the graphic designing on adobe illustrator, then the higher refresh rate ensures smoothes animation and transition.

2. Improve pan and zoom 

While dealing with the intretic graphics across pans and zoom across the canvas, a 144 monitor makes these actions fluid and smooth.

3. Reduce eye strain 

A higher refresh rate reduces the screen flicker and results in less distortion during the long usage of Adobe.

Cons of 144 monitors for Adobe 

These are some common cons of 144 monitors for Adobe.

1. Overkill for static designing 

If you’re using the primary static designing software and working on the static images, then the 144 may be more efficient. A 60HZ monitor is sufficient for such tasks.

2. Price 

The 144 monitors are more expensive than the traditional 60 HZ monitors, but investing in the higher HZ monitor may be more beneficial.


Is a 144Hz monitor good for editing?

When it comes to the refresh rate, the 60 hz is the best, and the 75 hz monitors are great, but when it comes to gaming or editing, the higher hz monitors are the best option.

If you’re using high-end editing software, you must consider higher hz monitors for a better experience.

How many Hz is good for graphic design?

Generally, humans can not differentiate between the 60 hz and 120 hz monitors, but when choosing the best hz monitor for graphic designing.

Then you must choose the monitor with higher hz for a responsive and smoother experience.

Does higher Hz mean better quality?

The higher refresh rate monitors are associated with better video quality; the higher hz monitors reduce the glare and distortion and improve the viewing experience.

The 60 Hz refresh rate delivers the best video quality, while the 120 hz monitor has better quality.

If you consider the higher hz monitor, it will deliver great video quality and reduce the risk of eye strain.

Wrapping UP 

Choosing the right HZ monitor for Adobe depends on your preferences and needs.

If the smooth and clear or distorted free image is your first priority, then investing in the higher HZ monitor is beneficial.

They also help to reduce glare and deliver a high-end viewing experience.

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