5 Best Monitor For Long Working Hours (For Extend Use) in 2024

Best monitor for long working hours

For many of us, working long hours is a part of our lives that cause various eye problems; whether you’re a professional. A good monitor helps reduce fatigue and eye strain while ensuring accuracy in tasks like editing photos or videos. It also ensures that colours are displayed accurately so that your creative projects turn out as planned. That’s why finding the best monitor for long working hours is essential. This guide will discuss what features to look for when selecting a monitor for long working hours.

Best monitor for Long Working Hours

These are the best monitors for long working hours.

1. Sceptre 30-inch Curved 

Best Monitor For Long Working Hours


  • HDMI port
  • Display port
  • Great picture quality
  • Ultra-wide
  • A refresh rate of 200Hz
  • Tilt adjustment
  • Blue light filter


  • The colours are little, not accurate

Picture quality

Best monitor for long working hours

The monitor offers an impressive viewing experience with its stunning visuals; featuring a 1900R curved display.

It is designed to provide an immersive and comfortable viewing experience while reducing eye fatigue.

The monitor also boasts a 21:9 ultra-wide aspect ratio that enhances the viewing area, allowing you to see more of what you’re looking at.

The VA panel ensures that colours remain vivid and consistent across all viewing angles with a 3000:1 contrast ratio. Making it ideal for gaming and watching movies.

In terms of picture quality, the monitor doesn’t disappoint; the high resolution of 2560×1080 provides sharp images.

While the 8-bit colour depth accurately reproduces up to 16.7 million colours for crisp visuals.

The monitor offers a wide range of brightness levels from 200 nits up to 350 nits for better clarity, even in brightly lit rooms.

Display port

The monitor offers a great display port option with its DisplayPort 1.2 connectivity slot.

This allows you to connect your graphics cards and other devices to the monitor for an enhanced viewing experience.

The Display Port connection supports up to 3840 x 2160 resolution at a 60 Hz refresh rate.

Giving you sharp visuals with no lag time or ghosting when gaming or watching videos.

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The Ultra Wide Monitor is an impressive piece of technology that is perfect for any gaming or workstation set-up.

This monitor features a massive 30-inch curved display with an ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio.

Providing plenty of real estate to keep all your windows and applications open at once.

The 178-degree viewing angle offers excellent visibility from any part of the room.

Refresh rate

The monitor is a great choice for you if looking to upgrade the viewing experience.

It offers an impressive refresh rate of up to 200Hz, allowing you to enjoy smooth, crisp visuals with minimal motion blur or input lag.

This makes it ideal for gaming and other fast-paced activities; the curved design also provides an immersive viewing experience.

Giving you an unparalleled sense of depth and field of view.

Response time

The monitor is great for gamers and multimedia users who need quick response times.

The monitor’s response time stands out as a great aspect, with a response time of 5 ms that can quickly render motion graphics and animations, ensuring minimal blur and lag.

Blue light filter

The monitor is an excellent choice for you if want to reduce the amount of blue light exposure while working or playing on their computer.

The monitor has a built-in blue light filter that helps minimize eye fatigue and strain caused by extended periods spent in front of the screen.

This filter reduces the amount of short-wavelength blue light emitted from the monitor.

Making it easier for you to stay focused and comfortable when using the computers.

Tilt adjustment

The monitor offers excellent tilt adjustment for a comfortable viewing experience,

With up to -5° to +15° tilt, you can find the perfect angle for your eyes.

This tilt range allows you to adjust the monitor without straining your neck and back, enabling you to work and play comfortably for extended periods of time.

The adjustable stand also allows you to swivel the monitor between -50° and +50°.

This makes it easy to share content with others in the room by simply turning the monitor towards them.

HDMI port

The HDMI port of the monitor is top-of-the-line, allowing for high-definition viewing and playback.

Its 2.0 HDMI port supports 4K video at up to 120Hz, delivering stunning visuals with clarity and resolution.

It also supports an audio return channel (ARC) for sound output directly from the monitor for a unified and immersive multimedia experience.

2. Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz 27

Best Monitor For Long Working Hours


  • Excellent refresh rate 
  • Great picture quality
  • Backlight bleed
  • Display port
  • Built-in-speaker


  • Limited ports (One DisplayPort, One HDMI)

Picture quality

Best monitor for long working hours

The monitor is an excellent monitor if you’re looking for a high-quality display.

The picture quality is stunning, with vivid colours and sharp details that make the visuals pop off the screen.

The monitor is excellent for gaming, with a large 27-inch display and a high native resolution of 2560 x 1440.

The IPS panel allows for wide viewing angles, making it great for multitasking or adding multiple windows to your workspace.

Refresh rate

The monitor impresses with its stunning refresh rate of up to 144Hz, which is far above the industry standard.

This high refresh rate allows gamers to enjoy a smooth, seamless and lag-free gaming experience.

The monitor also features NVIDIA G-SYNC technology for enhanced gaming visuals, reducing screen tearing and ghosting for an ultra-realistic visual experience.

As such, the monitor is perfect for gamers who need the highest performance from their monitors to stay competitive and win their games.

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Backlight bleed

One of the most significant advantages of this monitor is its back light bleed performance; the panel has a full array back light.

Which ensures that the entire screen is evenly lit and provides excellent uniformity during dark scenes in games.

It features a modern IPS panel with a matte coating to reduce glare from ambient light sources.

This helps to minimize backlight bleeding around the edges of the display and ensures that colours remain vibrant and accurate no matter what angle you view it from.

Display port

The monitor offers great performance when it comes to display port technology. it features a full-sized Display Port 1.2 port that supports up to 3840×2160 @ 60Hz resolution.

Providing crystal clear image quality with vibrant colours and sharp details.

The monitor also supports AMD FreeSync technology, allowing you to experience smooth and responsive gameplay without screen tears or stuttering.

The monitor is equipped with HDCP 2.2 compliance, enabling you to enjoy the latest content like 4K streaming services, Blu-ray Discs, and more.


The monitor features a built-in speaker system that delivers a crisp, clear sound with plenty of power.

The speakers have an impressive range and provide enough punch to handle everything from music and movies to gaming.

They feature dual 2W power amplifiers and two passive radiators for added bass performance.

The sound is natural and balanced, without distortion or crackling at higher volumes.

The internal audio equalizer allows you to customize the sound for the best audio experience.

3. HP 24mh FHD Monitor 

Best Monitor For Long Working Hours


  • Built-in-speaker
  • Height adjustment
  • Tilt adjustment
  • Blue light filter
  • Display port


  • Only the HDMI cable is included. No DP/VGA cable.

Picture quality

Best monitor for long working hours

The monitor is a great choice for those who demand exceptional picture quality; the monitor delivers an impressive Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Along with a 16:9 aspect ratio and anti-glare coating to ensure that whatever you watch looks sharp and clear.

Its 178-degree wide viewing angle also ensures that you’ll get a great view no matter where you’re sitting in the room.

The monitor boasts excellent colour accuracy thanks to its 8-bit display panel, which provides 16.7 million colours for true-to-life images.

This is especially helpful when editing photos and videos as it allows for excellent colour reproduction, so you don’t have to worry about inaccurate hues.

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The built-in speakers of the monitor deliver a powerful sound experience; with two 3W speakers and a broad frequency range, this monitor can provide high-quality audio.

The sound is crystal clear, featuring deep bass and crisp highs, allowing precise sound reproduction.

The speaker system also features DTS Audio technology to provide an immersive audio experience, whether playing games or watching movies.

The remote control lets you customize the volume and audio settings without leaving your seat.

Height adjustment

The monitor is an excellent choice for those seeking a monitor with adjustable height.

The monitor is fitted with a 100mm VESA mount that allows you to adjust the display from 90mm to 170mm, allowing for ideal ergonomic placement.

This height adjustment feature is further complemented by the stand, offering tilt, swivel, and pivot adjustments so that you can find the most comfortable viewing angle.

The stand also comes with two integrated cable management clips, making it easier to keep your workstation looking neat and tidy.

The height adjustment feature of this monitor makes it an ideal choice for gaming and office use.

Tilt adjustment

The Monitor is a great choice for adjustable monitor viewing; the tilt adjustment feature offers a wide range of motion.

Allowing you to make minor adjustments to the angle for maximum comfort and visibility.

It features a user-friendly design with an adjustable stand, making it easy to move the monitor from one position to another.

Ensuring that you can get the perfect view no matter where you are sitting or standing.

Blue light filter

The monitor is designed to help minimize strain, featuring a blue light filter which reduces the amount of blue light emitted from your monitor.

This helps reduce eyestrain and prevents disruptions in your sleep cycle when using the monitor at night.

The blue light filter can be easily adjusted with an on-screen display (OSD) settings menu.

Allowing you to choose different levels of filtration based on your preferences.

This allows for more comfortable viewing during prolonged use and helps protect your eyes from any potentially damaging effects blue light exposure may have.

This is especially important if you work late at night or after dark hours.

The monitor also features a flicker-free technology which helps reduce screen flickering and tiredness caused by repetitive refresh rates.

This ensures consistent image clarity while eliminating visual fatigue by minimizing flicker frequencies.

Display port

The monitor offers a great display port option with reliable connections and crisp visuals.

You can easily connect your laptop or desktop to the monitor with HDMI and DisplayPort inputs.

The DisplayPort input supports HDCP 1.4 protocol so that you can enjoy streaming content without any interruptions.

The DisplayPort also supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 pixels with a 60Hz refresh rate for smooth and lag-free visuals.

4. ViewSonic VA2759-SMH 27

Best Monitor For Long Working Hours


  • Great picture quality
  • HDMI port
  • HDMI cable
  • Vga inputs
  • Power cable


  • The audio output is awful

Picture quality

Best monitor for long working hours

The monitor is an excellent choice for you if needing a quality display device; the picture quality of this monitor is absolutely stunning, with sharp images and vibrant colours.

The Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 ensures your content looks great, while the high contrast ratio provides deep blacks and bright whites.

The Super Clear Viewing Angle technology allows you to enjoy solid image quality from virtually any angle.

HDMI port

The HDMI port of the monitor is an essential feature if you’re looking for high-quality visuals.

With its support for video resolutions up to 1080p, this conveniently located port allows you to connect the computers or other devices to the monitor with ease.

The addition of HDMI also enables access to advanced features like HDCP support and Deep Color to help create brilliant image clarity and detail.

Connecting with HDMI also eliminates additional cables and cords, as all audio and video signals are transmitted through one line.

This connection offers higher bandwidth than other forms of connection which reduces latency and increases transfer speeds.

Allowing faster refresh rates and smoother performance with no lag in visual quality.

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VGA inputs

The monitor is an excellent choice for those looking for a good-quality display with VGA inputs.

It features two VGA ports, allowing you to connect two separate outputs from a single device like a laptop or desktop computer.

With the monitor, you can enjoy sharp visuals in Full HD resolution and up to 16.7 million colours for vivid images.

Power cable

The monitor boasts an impressive selection of features, but the most impressive one is its power cable.

This particular cable has been designed with convenience and safety in mind.

It features a built-in safety switch that automatically shuts off the power to the monitor when disconnected from the power source.

The power cable also features a flat design, making it easier to tuck away from sight behind furniture or other objects.

The flat design also allows greater flexibility when routing around tight corners or under challenging spaces.

HDMI cable

The monitor is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-performance display.

The monitor has a full HD 1080p resolution and a lightning-fast HDMI cable, making it perfect for gaming and multimedia viewing.

The HDMI cable allows you to easily connect to any compatible device, such as a Blu-ray player, game console, or streaming box.

With support for up to 4K Ultra HD resolutions, the HDMI cable ensures crystal clear visuals with vibrant colours that bring your media to life.

5. BenQ PD2700U 27 Inch

Best Monitor For Long Working Hours


  • Great picture quality
  • Build quality
  • Display port
  • Blue light
  • Backlight bleed


  • Don’t have USB-C-cable

Picture quality

The monitor offers stunning picture quality; the 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) delivers incredible detail, deep contrasts, and vibrant colours with a wide viewing angle of 178°.

The advanced IPS panel provides excellent colour accuracy to ensure all shades are accurately represented on screen.

With an impressive 1,000:1 contrast ratio and HDR10 compatibility, it offers a great balance between dark and bright colours, allowing you to enjoy immersive graphics in dark scenes.

The 10-bit colour depth ensures that all colours are displayed smoothly without banding for a life-like experience.

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Build quality

The monitor has an excellent build quality; its frame is made of high-strength, lightweight aluminium alloy with a sleek matte finish.

The stand is fully adjustable and can be easily adjusted to meet the user’s viewing comfort needs.

The display features a 4K resolution and support for HDR content, providing sharp and vivid visuals.

The build quality of this monitor is of extremely high standards.

Display port

The monitor features DisplayPort technology that provides high performance and low latency connections.

The DisplayPort delivers a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440, 60 Hz while providing the added benefit of HDCP 2.2 support for the latest content protection standards.

The built-in support for Daisy Chain further enhances the convenience and flexibility of this monitor.

Allowing you to connect and daisy chain multiple monitors in series without using additional cables or adapters.

Blue light

The monitor is a great choice for those looking to reduce eye strain and fatigue, thanks to its efficient blue light reduction capabilities.

The monitor features low blue Light technology, eliminating most of the harmful blue light produced by the display.

This is perfect for you if you spend long hours in front of the screen, as it helps to reduce eye strain and fatigue.

The low blue light mode can be easily enabled with just a few clicks on the OSD, allowing you to adjust the level of blue light reduction for maximum visual comfort.

Backlight bleed

The monitor offers excellent picture quality, but one of its biggest features is backlight bleed.

This issue occurs when light from the display’s backlighting escapes around the edges of the screen, creating a halo effect that can be distracting.

This problem is often only noticeable in low-light conditions and does not impact the overall performance of the monitor.

When preventing backlight bleed on this model, you can adjust the contrast and brightness settings and use a black level setting to help reduce its visibility.

How to choose the best monitor for long working hours

When choosing the best monitor for long working hours, there are key factors to remember.

The refresh rate of the display should be taken into consideration when selecting a monitor for extended use.

Higher refresh rates often result in smoother images and reduce eye fatigue, making them particularly beneficial if you spend long periods in front of your monitor.

Ergonomics are an essential factor to consider when selecting a monitor for extended use.

Monitors with adjustable stands and swivel bases allow you to adjust the height and angle of the display to help reduce strain on your neck and shoulders.

By considering all these factors, you can ensure that you’re getting the best monitor for long working hours that meets your particular needs and comfort level.

Screen size

When choosing the best monitor for long working hours, screen size is an important factor to consider.

A larger-than-average screen size can help reduce eye strain from squinting and make it easier to see fine details in your work.

It also helps with multitasking by allowing you to fit more information on one display, reducing the need to switch between multiple windows.

A screen size of at least 24 inches is recommended for optimal ergonomics during extended use.

This will ensure that text does not appear too small or illegible and that you won’t need to move your head around the screen.

It has been suggested that curved monitors can be beneficial when choosing a large display as they reduce eye strain due to the wrap-around effect.


A resolution is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for the best monitor for long working hours.

High-resolution monitors are capable of displaying sharper and clearer images than low-resolution monitors.

Choosing a monitor with a higher resolution will make it easier to read the text and see small details in graphic design or image editing.


Brightness is one of the most important factors when selecting a monitor for long working hours.

The brightness of your monitor should be adjustable and appropriate for the environment in which it will be used.

A monitor that is too bright can cause eyestrain, headaches, and fatigue, while a monitor that is too dim may cause difficulty focusing on the task.

The ideal brightness level for a monitor depends on your surroundings; some users prefer brighter settings, while others find them uncomfortable.

Generally, settings between 150 and 250 nits are considered comfortable brightness levels for everyday tasks such as office work, web browsing, and gaming.


When selecting a monitor for long working hours, there are many factors to consider.

The most important thing to look for is an adjustable stand that allows you to adjust the height and angle of the monitor so that you can find the optimal viewing position.

This will help reduce neck strain and correct your posture while using your computer.


Which monitor is best for long working hours?

  1. 1Sceptre 30-inch Curved
  2. Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz
  3. HP 24mh FHD Monitor
  4. ViewSonic VA2759-SMH
  5. BenQ PD2700U 27 Inch

Is a 27-inch monitor too big for office work?

If you’re looking for a monitor to use for office work, 27-inch is a great option. It has a big screen to see everything and is not too big to take up enough space, and it has a wide range of resolutions.

Is IPS or VA better for office work?

It’s important to consider the tasks performed on the monitor before making a purchase decision. If you’re primarily going to use your monitor for office work, such as word processing or light video editing, then an IPS panel might be a good choice because of its wide viewing angles and better colour accuracy.

However, if you’re looking for an affordable solution with great image quality, then a VA panel might be more suitable for your needs.

Is a higher refresh rate better for eyes?

A higher refresh rate makes the screen smooth and lag-free, which makes it easier to see if you are trying to ease your eye strain, so a 120 to 144 Hz refresh rate is ideal.

Are curved or flat monitors better for work?

Flat monitors offer a sharp picture quality with good colour accuracy and wide viewing angles.

On the other hand, a curved monitor is better for work because it has a range of productivity and provides a wide range of views.

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