Dell Monitor Keeps Entering Power Save Mode [7 Easy Ways]

Dell monitor keep entering power save mode

I was so frustrated. Every time I tried to use my Dell monitor, it entered power save mode after a few minutes of being on.

At first, I thought something was wrong with the monitor and considered returning it for a new one.

But then, I decided to do some research and see if there was any way that this issue could be fixed without having to buy another monitor.

With patience and troubleshooting, I finally figured out why my Dell monitor keeps entering power save mode and how to fix it.

In this article, we will explore why your monitor keeps entering power-saving mode and how you can fix it.

Let’s get started!

Why does your Dell monitor keep entering power save mode?

If your Dell monitor keeps entering power save mode, it can be due to various reasons.

If your monitor is not receiving enough power, it may cause it to go into power save mode randomly.

1. Loose cable connection

You should check the cables to ensure that there is not any loose cable connection. If you find any loose connection, you must unplug the cable, then let it for about 15 seconds and replug it back securely.

Sometimes, the wrong input source can also cause it. You should also ensure that all cables are connected to the correct port.

2. USB suspended settings 

USB suspension is an operation of the window that can turn off the USB driver for energy efficiency. But it also only works sometimes.

If your monitor is also in the power save mode, you should try the USB suspend to fix the issue.

Here are the steps to fix the issue:

1. Press the window and the S at the same time to open the run window 

2. Search the control panel in the search bar. Click on it 

3. Click on the hardware and sound 

4. Click Change Power Settings in the power tab 

5. Click on the change plan settings link

6. Click on the Change advanced power settings 

7. Click on the USB settings. Now navigates to the USB selective suspend settings and now change to enable to disable, then click on the ok 

3. Power source issue 

A faulty power cable can also cause the issue. First, check the power outlet to ensure it is not faulty.

Also, check the power cable for visible damage. If there is no damage, you should check the monitor with another power cable to ensure that the cable is not faulty.

Ensure that the power socket is not faulty to ensure the cable works well with the socket.

Plug any device into the power socket to ensure it is not faulty.

4. Check power saving mode settings 

You should also check the power saving settings to ensure they are set to never.

Follow the steps to disable the power-saving mode 

1. Search the control panel in the search bar and click on it 

2. Now search power settings in the bar and click on it 

3. Click on the show additional plans and look for display settings 

4. Now change the turn off the display to never 

5. Now change the on battery and other settings to the never 

6. If you’re using window 11, then search the power and battery instead of the power options

5. Check RAM

A faulty or unsettled RAM also causes the monitor to keep entering in power mode.

Before removing the back of the computer, ensure that all cables are unplugged from the monitor and computer.

After that, remove the back of the pc and the RAM, and inspect it for dirt and dust. If there is any dust, then clean it gently with a clean cloth.

If it does not work, replace the RAM with a new one to ensure it is not faulty.

6. Reset Dell monitor 

If you still need help and the above ways did not solve the issue, you should factory reset your monitor.

Follow the steps to reset the monitor

1. Press the 3rd button to open the on-screen display menu

2. Now press the last button from the left side to open another setting 

3. Then scroll and select the factory reset option and click on it by pressing the 3rd button.

7. Customer support 

If you still need help with your Dell monitor, contact Dell customer support for another solution.

Customer support will be able to provide you with a better solution for this issue.


Why does my Dell monitor go into standby mode?

Your Dell monitor may enter standby mode if it is not receiving any input signal from the computer. This could happen due to a loose cable, an incorrect video setting on your graphics card, or an expired monitor timer.

Before resetting the power to your monitor, you should check all cables for proper connection and ensure the correct video settings are selected in your display settings menu.

How do I stop my computer from going into power save mode?

In order to stop your computer from going into power save mode, you will need to adjust the settings in the Power Management section of your operating system’s Control Panel.

Open the Control Panel and select “Power Options.” From here, you can change the setting when your computer will enter power save mode or disable it entirely.

You may also want to look into turning off or adjusting sleep settings in your BIOS if available.

Wrapping Up

These are the possible solutions if your Dell monitor keeps entering power save mode.

  • Loose cable connection
  • USB suspended settings 
  • Power source issue 

If these do not solve the issue, you should contact an expert technician for other solutions.

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