10 Roblox The Hunt Badges You Can Earn Fast & Easy

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Earning badges offers one of two paths to snagging exclusive rewards in Roblox The Hunt; the alternative requires dipping into your Robux reserves. With 100 experiences on offer, securing 95 badges unlocks the full suite of rewards, though you only need five if the Vault Holo-compass UGC is what you’re after. For those aiming to quickly claim their first event item, here’s a lineup of the quickest and easiest games within Roblox The Hunt to earn those first 10 badges.

Fast and Easy Badges to Earn in Roblox The Hunt

Snowboard Obby Badge

For the Snowboard Obby Badge, your task is to complete 100 courses within the game. Focus on tackling the courses in World 1, which are designed for straightforward and quick completion, usually taking around 15 minutes. Make sure you’ve accepted The Hunt challenge in the game to ensure your efforts count towards the badge.

Legends of Speed Badge

In Legends of Speed, earning the badge is exceptionally simple. Spend about two minutes just running around within the game environment. This is one of the quickest badges to earn in The Hunt, as the game rewards your effort almost immediately after you’ve spent a short time exploring and speeding through the game’s tracks.

Brookhaven Badge

The Brookhaven Badge requires you to collect 20 eggs scattered throughout the game’s map. These eggs are hidden in various locations, including near the Adoption Center, the Town Hall, and other key points of interest. A quick tour around these areas, collecting eggs as you go, will swiftly net you this badge.

My Hello Kitty Cafe Badge

To earn the badge in My Hello Kitty Cafe, you need to serve 100 customers. This might sound daunting, but it’s surprisingly quick. By simply completing the game’s tutorial and leaving your cafe running for about 5 minutes, you should easily hit this target. Customer satisfaction is key, and you’ll see your badge notification pop up once you’ve served the required number of patrons.

Lumber Tycoon 2 Badge

Unlocking the badge in Lumber Tycoon 2 involves a quirky task of appeasing a bird-like creature with wood. First, interact with Thom at the Wood R Us Store and express your interest in finding an egg. Thom hints that “it” likes wood, so buy a Hatchet, gather some wood, and venture into the cave hinted at by Thom. Place the wood on a pedestal before the creature, and it will reward you with an egg. Return this egg to Thom to claim your badge.

Berry Avenue Badge

In Berry Avenue, you’re tasked with making an Acai Bowl after interacting with an NPC by the beach. Follow the white arrow to collect ingredients starting from the Smoothie Shop for a bowl and Acai, then to the Grocery Store for fruits. Claim a house, store your groceries, and prepare the bowl in your kitchen. Completing this culinary challenge earns you the badge.

Adopt Me! Badge

Adopt Me! challenges you to collect three Time Machine Cogs by reliving past events within the game. Start by talking to the NPC Tom near the event portals, then complete tasks in the South East Asia 2023 portal, the Winter 2022 portal, and the Halloween 2023 portal to collect the cogs. Each completed task brings you closer to earning the badge.

Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition Badge

For the Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition badge, you need to collect two of The Hunt eggs hidden in the game’s forest. The eggs spawn randomly, but by exploring the forest thoroughly, especially around the river and waterfalls, you should find two eggs relatively quickly, securing your badge in the process.

Ninja Legends Badge

Earning the Ninja Legends badge requires accumulating 500 Ninjitsu, which can be achieved by simply clicking the Mouse Left for about two minutes. If progress stalls, remove any items boosting Ninjitsu and try again in a new server. This simple activity rewards you with the badge upon completion.

Super Soccer League Badge

The Super Soccer League badge is awarded after completing two matches, and you don’t even need to start from the beginning of a game. Joining mid-match counts towards your progress, offering a fast track to earning the badge. While you could technically go AFK, actively participating keeps the game enjoyable for everyone.

This tailored approach to each game not only guides you through the fastest path to earning badges in Roblox The Hunt but also enriches your gaming experience with a variety of challenges and activities across the Roblox universe.

So there you have it, the fastest and easiest badges to earn in Roblox The Hunt.  If you’re interested, we’ve got more similar content for other games such as Dress to Impress.

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