Why Asus Monitors are Market Leaders

Are Asus Monitors Good

Asus is one of the most favored brands on the market when it comes to selecting a high-quality monitor.

But are Asus monitors good? Many people have the same question in their minds.

So let’s take a closer look at are ASUS monitors good and find out if they are and why.

Let’s get started!

Are Asus monitors good?

Most of the users have questions about whether Asus monitors are better or not. Mostly it depends on the various factors to consider if it is good.

1. Size 

Asus monitors come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 13 inches to 43 inches. 

The 13-inch monitor is perfect if you want an aesthetically pleasing display that takes up minimal space.

The 24-inch and 27-inch monitors are good for everyday usage, and a larger display is best if you do not want to sacrifice picture quality.

The 34-inch and 43-inch ultra-wide monitors offer stunning visuals with an expansive view.

Asus monitors have ultra HD 4K resolution, curved displays, and built-in speakers for a superior multimedia experience.

Every Asus monitor is designed with ergonomic features such as adjustable tilt and height settings to optimize comfort and productivity while working or gaming.

2. Refresh rate 

Refresh rate is measured in Hz and indicates how many times per second the monitor refreshes its image.

The higher refresh rate can display more FPS, resulting in less motion blur and better picture quality.

Asus monitors provide a variety of refresh rates to suit your needs. It depends on the model and the price of the monitor.

These monitors range refresh rates ranging from 48 Hz up to 144 Hz. With higher refresh rates, you can enable smoother visuals and faster response times while gaming.

3. Response time

ASUS monitors are known for their fast response times. Most of these displays range from 1ms to 5ms in terms of quickly and accurately responding to movements on the screen.

It makes them great for gaming, where you need quick reactions without ghosting or blurring effects.

Some of the models come with features such as ASUS Eye Care Technology and flicker-free technology, which reduce blue light emissions and help to reduce eye strain during long hours of use. 

4. Price 

Asus monitors offer a range of prices to fit any budget. These monitors come in all shapes and sizes and at various price points.

Its lowest display has an impressive contrast ratio for deep blacks and vivid colours, built-in stereo speakers, and low power consumption at around USD 100.

For mid to upper-level budgets, the Asus 27-inch monitor features an edge-to-edge frameless design for a more immersive viewing experience and 178° wide viewing angles so you can see accurate colours from any angle.

With its price range from about $180 to $300, this is great if you want to look good without breaking the bank.

Asus features “hardware calibration” capabilities for a large budget through ASUS’s Pro Art Calibration Technology.

It also features 10-bit colour depth support on HDMI 1.4/2.0 inputs and DisplayPort 1.2 connections, with its price point around approximately $1,400.

5. Overall

Asus Monitors offer great value for money and excellent performance, making them one of the best choices available today if you’re looking for a quality monitor without breaking the bank.

With their wide selection of features and specs, solid warranty coverage, and customer service support, they are worth considering if you’re searching for an excellent display.

Best Asus monitors

These are the best Asus monitors.

1. ASUS ROG Swift 27″ 1440P

Are Asus Monitors Good


  • Picture quality 
  • Refresh rate 
  • Blue light filter 
  • Response time 
  • G-Sync compatible 
  • Anti-glare 


  • Price is high

Why is it best?

It offers incredible detail, making it ideal for games and graphics-intensive applications such as video editing and CAD design.

The monitor has a rapid refresh rate of 240Hz, allowing for smooth gameplay without stuttering or ghosting.

It also features Nvidia G-Sync technology that reduces screen tearing and stuttering, resulting in a more immersive gaming experience.

Picture quality 

It boasts a 2560 x 1440 resolution and offers stunning visuals with vivid colours that faithfully represent the source material.

Its IPS panel ensures wide viewing angles, as well as an impressive 1 million:1 contrast ratio which creates deep blacks and highlights whites and other colours.

Its 10-bit colour depth provides excellent colour accuracy, reproducing over one billion distinct shades for smooth gradients and lifelike images.

Its excellent picture quality also boasts multiple technologies to improve image clarity.

Refresh rate 

It is equipped with an impressive refresh rate of 240Hz. This allows for clear and smooth image transitions.

Its advanced NVIDIA G-SYNC technology helps to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering, resulting in an even smoother gaming experience.

Its cutting-edge features and specifications make it suitable for video editing and other creative tasks where motion clarity is essential.

Blue light filter 

It is equipped with a blue light filter that protects your eyes from the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to blue light.

This filter is designed to minimize the amount of blue light entering your eyes, reducing the risk of digital eye strain and other potential health risks associated with long-term use.

The blue light filter can be adjusted to three different levels to suit your preference and comfort.

It has Flicker-free technology, which helps to reduce on-screen flicker for more comfortable viewing.

Response time 

It offers an extremely fast response time of 1 ms, making it perfect for high responsiveness while gaming or using graphics-intensive applications.

G-Sync compatible 

The monitor comes with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology. This technology eliminates screen tearing, stuttering, and input lag, allowing for smooth gaming experiences.


This monitor offers anti-glare technology. This means that when you’re playing games or watching movies, you won’t be distracted by annoying reflections from the monitor.

The anti-glare technology also helps reduce eye fatigue by reducing brightness on the monitor screen.

With a matte finish, it is designed to reduce light reflection from windows and other bright sources and provide richer colour and greater clarity.

2. ASUS ROG Strix 34″ Gaming Monitor 

Are Asus Monitors Good


  • Response time
  • Eye care 
  • USB-C
  • HDMI
  • Displayport 
  • Adjustments 


  • Speakers are terrible 

Why is it best?

It offers a wide 34-inch curved screen with a height-adjustable stand and a refresh rate of 180Hz, ensuring smooth operation even in fast-paced games.

Along with its Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, it boasts up to 1440P resolution for ultra-crisp visuals that bring your game to life.

Picture quality

It boasts a large display with a 3440×1440 resolution, providing stunning visuals and detailed images.

It also boasts an ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio, giving you a cinematic viewing experience without any black bars or letterboxing on the sides of the screen.

Its Quantum-dot IPS panel offers vivid colours with a wide colour gamut that displays over 120% of the sRGB colour space, making it perfect for professional photo editing and content-creating. 

Refresh rate 

The monitor offers an incredibly smooth gaming experience with its impressive 180 Hz refresh rate.

This refresh rate allows for incredibly accurate movements and visuals, giving you the edge to win competitive gaming.

Response time

It features an incredibly fast response time of 1 ms, allowing for seamless transitions between high-paced gaming scenes.

This ensures that motion blur and ghosting will be dramatically reduced, giving you the sharpest visuals and swift reactions while playing your favourite.

It also utilizes AMD Freesync technology to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering.

Eye care 

The monitor features eye care technology, which utilizes a blue light filter and a flicker-free technology that reduces eye strain.

The blue light filter reduces harmful blue light rays that can cause fatigue and discomfort during long gaming sessions. 

The flicker-free technology reduces screen flicker for a more comfortable viewing experience.

It also comes with ultra-low blue light Presets which allow you to adjust the amount of blue light emitted from the display at any given moment.

This allows you to tailor your gaming experience to suit your needs and preferences to eye comfort.


It offers a great USB-C port for power delivery, connection, and convenience. 

It supports up to 90W of power which is more than enough for laptops and other gaming devices.

You can connect multiple devices simultaneously, such as gaming mice and keyboards, with just a single port.

The USB-C port can also transfer data up to 10 Gbps, allowing you to transfer large files or game assets between devices quickly.


It has an HDMI port to connect the gaming console or PC directly to the monitor.

It also supports a maximum resolution of 3440 x 1440 at up to 120 Hz, so you can enjoy smooth, fast-paced games without stuttering or image tearing.


It is equipped with a DisplayPort 1.2, giving you multiple options when it comes to connecting gaming devices and other components.

With DisplayPort 1.2, you can enjoy smooth 4K-UHD resolution at refresh rates of up to 60 Hz, which ensures high image clarity.

It also supports advanced colour formatting, such as 10-bit at 8-bit depths per channel. 

Which provides smoother and more accurate colours and richer gradients than regular 8-bit colour depth displays.


Its adjustment capabilities allow for tilt, swivel, and pivot adjustment for the perfect position.

It also features 178-degree viewing angles to see clearly from any angle in your room.

3. ASUS ProArt Display 32″

Are Asus Monitors Good


  • Picture quality 
  • Height adjustment 
  • Blue light filter 
  • Compatible with mac 
  • Variety of ports 


  • Old-style navigation menu

Why is it best?

It offers a stunning 4K resolution and wide viewing angles, perfect for gaming or video editing.

It features excellent colour accuracy and contrast, with its 10-bit support and deep blacks achieved through its IPS panel technology.

Picture quality 

This monitor delivers an incredibly vivid picture quality that makes any media come alive. 

Its high resolution of 3840×2160 allows it to display sharp images with stunning clarity and detail.

It also features a 10-bit colour depth and 99% sRGB coverage to ensure that colours are accurately reproduced with precision.

Height adjustment 

It features a height-adjustable stand, allowing you to customize the display to your exact needs and preferences.

The adjustable stand also allows for tilt, pivot, and swivel capabilities to position the monitor exactly how you want it.

This flexibility makes it easier to find the best position to minimize eye strain while working long hours in front of your computer.

Blue light filter 

It is equipped with a blue light filter that helps reduce the strain on your eyes.

It filters out harmful blue light, which can lead to long-term damage such as fatigue, migraines, and eye strain.

This makes it ideal for extended viewing sessions such as gaming, video editing, or office work. 

The filter offers four different settings to adjust the level of blue light reduction to find the most comfortable viewing experience.

With flicker-free technology, you’ll also enjoy an even more comfortable and smooth viewing experience no matter what you’re doing.

Variety of ports 

It features two HDMI 2.0 ports, one DisplayPort 1.4 port, three USB 3.0 ports for data transfer and charging, and a headphone jack.

The HDMI 2.0 ports are capable of receiving 4K UHD video signals at 60 Hz.

The DisplayPort 1.4 port supports up to 8K resolution at 30 Hz or 4K UHD at 120 Hz refresh rates.

The USB 3.0 ports are ideal for connecting peripherals such as external storage devices or input devices such as mice and keyboards.

It has a headphone jack that allows you to connect headphones for private listening without going through additional cables and adapters.

How to choose the best monitor?

Choosing the best monitor for your needs is an important decision. There are several factors that you should consider before making your purchase.


The most popular sizes range from 21 to 34 inches, with 24-28 inches being the most common.

Factors like desk space, viewing distance, and budget will determine the optimal size for your needs.

Smaller monitors can be a great option if you have smaller desk space. Larger monitors are the best option to take advantage of the latest gaming technology.

They can provide an immersive experience with higher resolutions and refresh rates and display the most graphically demanding games in their full glory.

Refresh rate 

Refresh rate is the number of times a monitor refreshes its image per second, measured in Hertz (Hz).

The higher the refresh rate, the smoother images will look when displayed on the monitor.

The high refresh rate can make a huge difference in gaming or watching movies; low refresh rates can make images seem choppy or blurry.

It’s important to note that if your graphics card and video connection cannot support a high refresh rate, you won’t be able to take full advantage of it.

If you’re purchasing a monitor for gaming, you should aim for at least 75 Hz; however, for the most immersive experience, 144 Hz or even 240 Hz should be considered.

Response time

Response time typically refers to the amount of time taken for a pixel on a screen to change from one colour to another, which can indicate image clarity and quality.

Generally, lower response times are preferred as they produce smoother motion in video games or other media.

It is important to pay attention to this feature as it affects how comfortable your eyes are when using the monitor over long periods.

Response times may vary depending on what type of monitor you choose.


Paying more will give you access to higher-end features such as wider colour gamut support and faster refresh rates.

Monitors between $300 and $500 may come with extras such as built-in USB ports or speakers.

If you want even better picture quality, you’ll want to look at monitors costing more than $500.

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