How to Fix Enshrouded Monitor 60 FPS Framerate Bug

enshrouded monitor frame rate bug fixImage source: Keen Games

Enshrouded, a survival game from Keen Games, has been experiencing a rather frustrating issue where players report that, despite the game running at high frame rates (over 60 fps), it feels as if it’s operating at a lower frame rate, around 60 fps. This issue has been a topic of discussion among the gaming community, and various solutions have been suggested, especially for players using Nvidia GPUs and high refresh rate monitors. So, how does one fix the Enshrouded monitor issue? Here we’ll offer some guidance.

Understanding the Issue

  • Engine Limitation: The developers have acknowledged an engine limitation causing some animations (like visual effects and character/mob animations) to be limited to 60fps. While this is minor and often unnoticed, it contributes to the problem.
  • Entire Game Limited: More critical is the issue where the entire game, including camera movements and frame rate, feels limited to a lower fps, despite running at higher rates like 200fps. This problem is not an engine limitation and is unintended.

Potential Fixes and Workarounds

While there’s no official fix on the horizon just yet for the Enshrouded monitor issue, there are a number of workarounds that may solve the issue temporarily. Let’s break them down.

  1. Nvidia Control Panel Adjustment:
    • For Nvidia GPU users, go to the Nvidia Control Panel.
    • Change the Vulkan/OpenGL present method from “Auto” to “Prefer Layered on DXGI Swapchain”. This can be done globally or for the “Enshrouded” profile specifically.
    • This adjustment may engage Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) properly, making the game feel smoother.
    • Remember to restart the game after applying this change.
  2. Monitor Refresh Rate Checking:
    • Check if your monitor’s refresh rate is adjusting to the game’s frame rate. If it’s locked at its maximum refresh rate, VRR might not be engaging correctly.
    • After making changes in the Nvidia Control Panel, recheck to see if the refresh rate now matches the game’s fps.
  3. Limiting Game Client to 60FPS:
    • Some players have reported that manually limiting the game to 60FPS can make it feel smoother.
    • This workaround can be particularly useful if you are significantly impacted by this issue.
  4. Checking Windows Display Settings:
    • Ensure that Windows has not altered your monitor’s refresh rate settings.
    • Sometimes, Windows might set a high-refresh-rate monitor to 60Hz, which could cap the in-game fps.
  5. Game Mode Adjustments:
    • If the game runs in borderless fullscreen, try switching to exclusive fullscreen mode.
    • Some players have found performance improvements in different game modes.
  6. For AMD GPU Users:
    • While specific to Nvidia GPUs, AMD users might try similar settings in their control panel, like adjusting FreeSync settings.
    • Setting a framerate cap that is evenly divisible by the monitor’s refresh rate might also help.

Developer’s Stance

  • The developers have recognized the issue and are actively investigating it. It’s important to note that this problem was not intentional nor is it related to an engine limitation.
  • They suggest that players who are experiencing this issue try limiting their game client to 60FPS for a potentially smoother experience.

Community Feedback

  • Players have shared mixed responses to these fixes, with some finding success while others continue to experience issues.
  • As this is an ongoing situation, staying updated with the latest developer updates and community feedback is crucial.


The fps/hz Enshrouded monitor issue is a complex problem with various potential fixes. While the developers work on a more permanent solution, players can try the above methods to improve their gaming experience. It’s important to tailor these solutions to your specific setup and keep an eye on official updates for any new developments. If you’re after more Enshrouded content, check out We Game Daily’s list of useful guides, including a very handy interactive map page.

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