Are Asus Monitors VESA Compatible? Explained

Are Asus Monitors Vesa Compatible

Just a few days prior, I purchased a brand-new Asus monitor with high expectations of its performance. However, after some time, it dawned on me that it seemed like there was something lacking.

I had heard that these monitors are Vesa mountable and can free up space on the desk. That’s why I had a question: are Asus monitors Vesa compatible?

In this article, we will explore whether Asus monitors are Vesa-compatible and how you can mount them if they are not Vesa-compatible.

Let’s get started!

Are Asus Monitors Vesa Compatible

Yes, most Asus monitors are Vesa-compatible, and you can smoothly mount them on the wall or desk.

But most of the models need the adapter or bracket in order to mount on the desk or wall.

Most of the newer Asus models are equipped with the Built-in Vesa mount compatibility to directly attach to the mount arm or stand without any adapter.

If you do not know whether your Asus monitor is Vesa compatible, in that case, contact the product page or manual for all the specs of your monitor.

How To Know If My Asus Monitor Is Vesa Compatible?

If you do not know whether your monitor is Vesa compatible, check the back of your monitor to ensure.

If it does not work, ensure the four holes pattern on the back of your monitor.

The most common patterns on the back of monitors are 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm. If you have a large monitor, it will have a 200 x 100 mm pattern.

If your monitor does not have the basic holes, then it may have its own stand or mount to mount.

If you still do not know whether your monitor has a mount or stand, then go to the manufacturer’s website to directly find out whether it is Vesa compatible.

How To Mount a Monitor Without a Mount?

You can easily mount your monitor if your monitor is not Vesa compatible or has the simple fours holes pattern.

You should need the adapters, brackets, or stands in order to mount the monitor.

Attach the adapter or stand to the back of your monitor by screwing it to the four holes pattern of the monitor.

Then attach the bracket or stand to the Vesa-compatible wall or desk.


Can the Asus monitor be mounted?

You can easily mount your monitor by using the bracket or stand or provided hardware. Screw the brackets to the monitor, then attach the bracket or stand to the Vesa-compatible wall or desk.

Do monitors have VESA mounts?

Generally, all of the monitors are equipped with the four-hole pattern to mount on the monitor arm.

Most monitors come with the pattern of 75 x 75 or 100 x 100 mm on the back of the monitor to mount.

Wrapping Up 

We hope this article finds out if Asus monitors are Vesa compatible and how to mount them if not Vesa compatible.

ASUS monitors are VESA compatible, so you can mount them on a wall or desk mount with a VESA-compliant mounting kit.

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