All Roblox The House TD Codes in 2024

the house td copdesImage source: Roblox Corp.
Dive into the eerie corridors of Roblox’s The House TD, a tower defense game offers a unique twist, merging the classic strategy of tower defense with the spine-tingling thrill of horror. To bolster your defenses against the ghastly hordes, we’ve gathered a list of codes that’ll grant you gems and more, empowering you to summon new units and fortify your stronghold against the monsters lurking in the shadows. Here’s a full overview of all the free coins and gems you can get hold of this month.

Roblox The House TD Codes in 2024

Embrace the darkness with these active codes for The House TD, designed to give you the edge you need to survive the night:
  • H75k – Redeem for ten voodoo coins
  • House50k – Redeem for ten voodoo tokens
  • Happy40k – Redeem for 200 soul gems
  • Souls30k – Redeem for 200 soul gems
  • Thanks20k – Redeem for 200 soul gems
  • Goatmelon – Redeem for Melon Master
Don’t let your guard down; these codes are your key to mastering the macabre challenges that await in The House TD. Expired Codes: It’s always a little haunting to find a code that no longer works. Here are the ghosts of codes past:
  • House3k
  • Boom10k
  • HappyChristmas
  • Halloween
How to Redeem The House TD Codes Unlocking your rewards is as simple as a ghostly whisper. Just follow these steps to redeem your codes in The House TD:
  1. Launch The House TD in Roblox.
  2. Look to the lower left-hand side of the screen for four icons, one of which will be blank. Click on the blank icon.
  3. A code entry box will appear. Type or paste in your chosen code, one at a time.
  4. Hit enter to redeem your free gems and other spooky rewards.
The realm of Roblox is vast and varied. If you’re a devoted fan seeking more adventures and rewards, consider exploring further with codes for Blade Ball, Haze Piece, Blox Fruits, Fruit Battlegrounds, and more. Each game offers its unique set of codes, unlocking worlds of possibility. In The House TD, codes help to give you an advantage that you shouldn’t miss out on. Use them wisely to fortify your defenses, summon fearless units, and hold back the night for one more eerie adventure in Roblox. Stay tuned for more codes, and may your tower defense strategy as we keep this guide updated moving forward. We’ve got similar content for Blade Ball if you’re a fan of that game.

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