Pet Catchers: Value List May 2024

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If you’ve been struggling to nab that elusive Aureus or are keen on acquiring Bongo Kitty, there’s now a simpler and quicker method than spending a fortune or depleting your stash of Cubes. Rumble Studios, the creators behind Pet Catchers, rolled out Update 1, ushering in the option for player-to-player trading. This update also introduced new quests, pets, and power-ups. However, assessing the value of your Pets without resorting to guesswork can prove challenging. To address this, the Pet Catchers community has come together to compile a Value List, a project led by the YouTuber GetGuineaPiged. This Value List offers an unofficial appraisal of your Pet’s worth, grounded in the community’s understanding of each Pet’s rarity, especially when you’re puzzling over a trade proposal. Naturally, nobody enjoys feeling shortchanged in a deal, and the Value List aims to guarantee that trades are conducted equitably, preventing any disappointing proposals.

May 2024 Pet Catchers Value List 

Here is an estimation of every Pet’s value based on GetGuineaPiged’s Value List, exchanging actual number values with a Low to Abnormally High Value ratio:

Pets Value
Artist Doggy Average
Astral Serpent High
Aureus Abnormally High
Bat Low
Bee Low
Bunny Low
Beta TV Average
Big Bruh Average
Bongo Kitty Abnormally High
Brite Pal Average
Cerberus High
Capybara Low
Classic Trio Average
Cyber Kitty Very High
Capybaruh Average
Cat Low
Cow Low
Crocodile Low
Doof Average
Dowodle Average
Doogy1337 High
Dualcorn High
Dark Bat Low
Deer Low
Dragon Low
Duck Low
Dog Low
Emperor Penguin High
Empyreus Average
Firefly Low
Frigidus High
Frog Low
Fairy Average
Fallen Angel High
Fox Low
Golem Low
Galactic Guard Very High
Giant Peral Average
Golden Pig Low
Gravitycatman Pal Average
Husky Low
Hydra Average
Hyperwave Kitty Average
Ice Winged Hydra High
Infernus Average
Inferno Dragon Low
Inferno Golem Low
Infernal Revenant High
King Mush Average
Kitsune High
Kraken High
Kitty Low
Leviathan Abnormally High
Long Cat Average
Magma Cube High
Mammoth Low
Messor Average
Molten Pig Low
Monkey Low
Neon Robot Abnormally High
Ocelot Low
Octopus Low
Owl Low
Panda Low
Pyro Doggy Low
Parrot Low
Penguin Low
Phoenix High
Pig Low
Poison Frog Low
Polar Bear Low
Pot’ O Gold Very High
Prototype Dragon Very High
Pyradium High
Queen Jelly High
Rainbow Shock High
Rex High
Rhino Low
Royal Doggy High
Royal Slime Very High
Russo Pal Average
Sand Mouse Low
Sea Champion Very High
Sea Star High
Silly Doggy! Abnormally High
Skeleton Dragon Very High
Spider Low
Spikey Bear Low
Squirrel Low
Tetra Cube High
The Overlord High
The OwOLord Average
The Prophet Very High
Toilet Doggy High
Tropical Doggy Low
Unicorn High
Vespertilio High
Universe Sentinel Very High
Walrus Low

Note: You must unlock Magma Basin in order to trade.

These valuations are based on a Pet’s standard form, not taking into account their Shiny versions. Should any of the previously mentioned Pets be in their Shiny form, their value should be adjusted upwards by one tier. For instance, a Shiny Kitty would move from a Low to an Average value tier, and the pattern continues accordingly. As expected, Pets that are more rare will command higher exchange prices and are valued more. Conversely, Pets like Bunny and Kitty hold lower value owing to their abundance.

That wraps up our Pet Catchers value list for May 2024. For more similar content, check out our piece on Blox Fruits.

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