Palworld Ultrawide Fix: FOV Issues Solved

palworld ultrawide fixImage source: Pocket Pair, Inc

For those using ultrawide monitors, the struggle to achieve an optimal Field of View (FOV) in Palworld is real. Fear not, as there’s a solution at hand. This guide will walk you through a step-by-step method to troubleshoot and rectify FOV issues with a Palworld ultrawide fix.

Ultrawide Monitor FOV Issue in Palworld, Explained

In Palworld, players utilizing ultrawide or super ultrawide monitors might encounter a setback while dealing with the Field of View (FOV). The maximum FOV of 90 might not suffice for some players, making the camera seem too proximate to the character, thereby impacting the overall gaming experience.

The crux of the issue lies in the way the game scales with the vertical FOV on ultrawide monitors. This results in a narrow, somewhat clumsy in-game FOV. The game attempts to fill your entire screen by zooming in, causing a portion of your character to be obscured and certain elements to be harder to see.

Palworld FOV Fix

Fortunately, the gaming community is resourceful and quick to find solutions. Several Palworld enthusiasts have found a way around this issue, letting you enjoy a much wider FOV. This workaround involves a minor modification to the game’s configuration file, which we’ll discuss in detail in the following sections.

Preparing Your Game Settings

Before you dive into the fix, it’s crucial to ensure that all your game settings are precisely as you want them. This preemptive measure is aimed at preventing any potential complications when you adjust the FOV later.

Accessing the Configuration File

Once your settings are in order, it’s time to navigate to the game’s configuration file. To do this, open a new Explorer window using the shortcutWin + R. Then, copy and paste the following into the window:%localappdata%PalSavedConfigWindows

If you need to access the folder manually, use this path:C:UsersYourUserNameAppDataLocalPalSavedConfigWindows

Modifying the Engine.ini File

Inside theWindows folder, you’ll find a file namedEngine.ini. Open this file, and you’re ready for the next step.

Inserting the FOV Adjustment Text

At the bottom of theEngine.ini file, paste the following block of text:


This small piece of code prevents the game from zooming in excessively and increases your FOV if you’re playing Palworld on an ultrawide monitor.

Making the File Read-Only

After saving the changes you made to theEngine.ini file, you might want to set the file to read-only. This step is optional but recommended, as it prevents the game from reverting the settings. To do this, right-click on the file, selectProperties, checkRead-only at the bottom, clickApply, and then save the changes.

Relaunching the Game

The final step involves saving theEngine.ini file and reopening Palworld. Your FOV should now be adjusted, providing a better view of your surroundings. If things don’t look right, don’t be alarmed. Some players have reported needing to relaunch the game a couple of times for the settings to take effect.

By following these steps, you should have improved your Palworld FOV for ultrawide and super ultrawide monitors. The game should now appear more visually immersive and enjoyable, with a wider perspective allowing for a better lay of the land, easier spotting of Pals, and increased vigilance for enemy sneak attacks.

Future Updates from Pocket Pair, Inc

While this fix offers a temporary solution, keep an eye out for future updates from the developers that may bring a more permanent solution to the FOV issue. However, if you ever need to tweak your in-game video settings, simply remove the read-only attribute from theEngine.ini file, restart the game, make the necessary changes, and repeat the process.

As with any game in Early Access, minor hiccups like these are common. While this Palworld ultrawide FOV fix is a third-party solution, we’re hoping that the developers soon issue an official solution to the issue. We’ll keep you posted. Until then, if you’re enjoying the game and are looking for useful guides, We Game Daily has some great content — including a full overview of all resource locations in Palworld.

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