Does Nightingale Support Ultrawide Monitors? Answered

May16,2024 #ultrawide monitors
nightingale ultrawide monitor supportImage source: Inflexion Games

For gamers with ultrawide monitors, the question of whether a game supports wider aspect ratios is obviously a big one. Not every game does, and even when they do the optimization is often poor. If you’re thinking about playing Infelxion Games’ awesome new survival game Nightingale, you might well be wondering which category it falls into. Well, we’re here to break down whether Nightingle supports ultrawide monitors, and at which resolutions.

Nightingale Ultrawide Monitor Support, Explained

Good news, Nightingale supports ultrawide monitors, at two different resolutions.

21:9 Aspect Ratio

Nightingale supports the 21:9 aspect ratio, commonly found in ultrawide monitors. Players with these screens can enjoy the game with extended horizontal views.

32:9 Aspect Ratio

For those with even wider screens, such as the 32:9 super ultrawide monitors, Nightingale has got you covered as well. Players have reported playing on 32:9 without any issues, indicating that the game supports this aspect ratio as well.

How Does Nightingale Play in Ultrawide?

Since Nightingale supports both 21:9 and 32:9 aspect ratios, it makes a great choice for players with ultrawide monitors. More to the point, it marks a game that actually supports the technology for once. We’re big fans of the way the game looks in ultrawide. At max graphics settings on our 3080 it looks absolutely stunning. The game’s immersive world can be experienced in all its glory with extended horizontal views.

It’s such a shame when developers don’t support ultrawide, as it really does elevate a game to another level.

Take it from us that if you have a wide screen, you can dive into Nightingale with confidence knowing that the game will make full use of your screen’s capabilities.

Of course, if the game ever makes it to console then those hoping to use ultrawide monitors may encounter difficulty on Sony’s platform.

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