All Roblox: Anime Crossover Defense Codes in May

crossover defense codesImage source: Roblox Corp

Are you all about collecting anime heroes and strategizing in Anime Crossover Defense battles? Great news: Roblox Anime Crossover Defense is handing out promo codes this May! These codes can be redeemed for gems, Crystal Helix, and more, helping you power up your team swiftly. Make sure to snag these freebies quickly before they expire!

Working Roblox Anime Crossover Defense Codes for May 2024

List of Active Codes and Rewards

Here are all the active codes for May 2024, each packed with valuable rewards to enhance your game:

  • Release: 1,000 Gems, 5 Crystal Helix, 90 Star Shards
  • Valk: 300 Gems, 5 Crystal Helix
  • Sebbyastian: 300 Gems, 5 Crystal Helix
  • MozKing: 300 Gems, 5 Crystal Helix
  • KingLuffy: 300 Gems, 5 Crystal Helix

These codes have been tested and are confirmed to be working as of now. Don’t worry about caps lock; the codes aren’t case-sensitive.

How to Redeem Your Codes

Follow these steps to redeem your promo codes in Anime Crossover Defense, which is a bit different from other Roblox games:

  1. Locate the Codes NPC: In the main area of the Hub, find the Codes NPC, who looks like Naruto, located in the middle of the area.
  2. Step into the Circle: Enter the green circle in front of the NPC to interact.
  3. Input the Code: A “Use Code” box will appear. Here, type in or paste one of the above codes.
  4. Press Redeem: Click the “Redeem Code” button. The rewards will appear on your screen and be automatically added to your account.

Stay Updated with New Codes

For the latest codes, consider joining the official Discord server for Anime Crossover Defense. The developers, Fish Bean Studio, often post new codes in the #faq channel. This is also a great place to connect with other players and the game’s development team.

Remember, Roblox Anime Crossover Defense is available across various platforms including PC, mobile devices, PlayStation, and Xbox. Redeem these codes soon to get the most out of your strategic tower defense experience! We have other similar content for games like Flee the Facility.

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